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How do I get back my natural fair skin color back after sun damage?

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If what you are Everyone likes to go to the beach, go on a trip to a sunny place, do sports or be in activities that involve a strong exposure to the sun. However in recent years the ozone layer has weakened and although we use sunscreens or tanning creams that cost us a lot of money, many times we have had to experience a sunburn, which has left our skin darker looking for is to try to know how to  clarify the skin burned by the sun really this article will love you.

how to lighten the skin burned by the sun

This worries us because our image does not look good, and often generates problems of self-esteem especially if we want to go out to a party or just look beautiful for our partners.

But do not worry that in this article you will discover the 3 Tips on how to clear your skin naturally and without having to spend a lot of money, so pay close attention:


Tip # 1 – Regenerate your skin with your healthy diet

The main key so you can clarify your skin is that you have a better diet, in this respect you must consume a lot of water, since your skin has been dehydrated by the sun, it is recommended to consume 2-3 liters a day.

And you must also increase your diet rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which keeps your skin young and depresses the production of melanin which gives dark pigmentation to the skin.

Tip # 2 Exfoliate your skin with Acids

Acids such as exfoliating are the best technique of how to lighten the skin burnt by the sun as they remove the tan and the dead skin cells giving it a lighter and more beautiful tone.

Among the main acids that you can use are the fruit husks that contain glycolic acid (lemon, oranges), lactic acid (milk and yogurt), mandelic acid and others.

Remember that you should not abuse these acids, you should apply only at night because otherwise you can cause severe damage to your skin and the next day when you are on the street or at the car stop your skin can be irritated.

Tip # 3: Use home remedies

Using natural home remedies to lighten the skin is the most recommended since it is not only cheap but it prevents you from negative side effects in the near future.

The most recommended home remedies are: the extract of Aloe Vera excellent to treat sunburn, the masks of papaya and honey, you can also find lemon and tomato cream and many others.


I would also like you to know that the magic key so you can clarify burned skin is that you are very consistent in applying these tips and not despair to see quick results.

Remember that the clarification of the skin is everything as a trip that requires dedication and may take a few weeks, but do not be discouraged because it will be something sure and constant for your skin I know you can. In addition, the remedies and food are cheap and do not cost much money compared to creams or chemicals.

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