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Get fit with the push-ups: user manual, tips and tricks

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Bends elbows, arms, lizards … Call them what you want, but are inflections. An exercise that involves a special difficulty because most of the body weight rests on our shoulders, arms and chest. If we are not used, it will suffer.

However, there are several tricks to get that we not be back with this exercise . Depending on the position of our trunk over our legs, ‘wake up’ less body weight. So, if you do standing pushups you will verify how it is very simple to practice initial position. 

And it is that how much are our legs underneath when doing push – ups, easier will do … And vice versa. If you want to increase the difficulty, try uploading your feet on a chair and run as usual. Not easy, right?

There is also another ‘trick’ to reduce difficulty in the case that we are beginners. Supporting knees on the floor we will make our burden is less.

And what is the correct position to execute a safe bending? The first is to lie with the body stretched out face down on the floor. The balls of your feet should be resting on the floor and the palms , which are on either side of your face . Elbows bent close to the body so that the arms move almost parallel, preventing are turning out.

Then we will use our strength to unfold elbows , careful not to arch your back in motion. When the arms are fully stretched, back to bend your elbows to touch the ground with our trunk And repeat! You have your first flexure.

Being a movement that demands a lot from several large muscle groups , we recommend that the first few times do not surpass the threshold of 10 repetitions . You could have some annoying soreness the next day. However it is a very effective exercise : you’ll notice how your torso is ‘widens’. It is perfect for people with so – called ‘narrow shoulders’ . If you want the look of V in your trunk, this is the best exercise.

In addition, it is one of the most grateful exercises … With a little practice, your muscles will be more than prepared to do more and more push – ups, increasing thus your muscle strength and elasticity . It is certainly one of the basic exercises of ‘fitness’ and more variants …

Yes, because that’s one of the secrets of his success: there is a huge variety of push – ups. There are Spiderman guy, hand, diamond, knuckles (especially difficult to do), open, deep … And depending on the grip ( the position of our hands ) will work more muscles each other. You are ready? Down!





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