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How do you get rid of burn marks on the skin using home remedies?

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After a burn is caused by carelessness in the sun or by some type of accident, there may be marks on the skin that are difficult to erase if not with creams and appropriate treatments. The skin in that area changes color, texture and in more severe cases one forms on skin. There are several ways to treat these scars with medicines, radio frequency and medical creams, but there is also a natural alternative using herbs and oils that are very beneficial for the regeneration of the dermis.

Scars and burn spots: how to erase them naturally

The scars are those marks that remain after a wound, chafing, burns, skin disease or acne. When these become present the skin is altered in its appearance even after several years when it has already recomposed its collagen . In view they look very bad and are also difficult to hide with makeup since they can be discolored and with unevenness or holes in severe cases that require surgical removal, a procedure that can be painful and expensive.

The most common scars are burns and we will take care of them in the following lines.

 Consequences of burns

There are two major consequences for the skin after a burn. There may be scars (marks, marks) and hypertrophic wounds on the skin (larger than normal) and in other cases where there is overhealing, there may be keloids (thick, high-relief tumor wounds).

burn keloid

After a burn, whatever your type, if one does not do anything about it to take care of the skin, the scars will stay on for years and years. In addition, it will begin to generate a skin in the area different from the normal consequence that to repair the damage, the skin itself produces more collagen than normal in the process of formation of the new skin and that is why the scar looks different in texture, color and shape.

The final appearance of the scar will depend on several factors, such as the type of skin and the type of wound, the age of the person and the part of the body where you are. In some cases, the formation of the scar is accompanied by pain and / or burning.

Types of burn scars

  •  Keloid scars: are the result of excessive collagen production. They are usually reddish, thick and larger than the original wound. They are shaped like a bundle with thin skin.
  • Contracted scars: the edges of the skin come together and as a result there is a tight skin area, for this reason the movement is reduced significantly.
  • Hypertrophic scars: they are bulky as the keloid scars but they do not exceed the limits of the initial wound. Atrophic scars: caused by the destruction of collagen. They have rounded shapes like those caused by acne and chicken pox.

Treat the skin when the healing process begins:

Hydrate the area, since proper hydration reestablishes the protective function of the skin, reduces itching and itching, preventing microorganisms or allergens from invading or irritating the scar.

Regularly exfoliate the skin of the scars to eliminate the dead cells of the surface that constitute the scar and favor its replacement by normal cells.

Massage regularly because it helps the scar located in a joint does not hinder the movement and prevents skin tightening in the area.

Use of creams: during the first months it is important to follow the medical indication and use daily healing creams, most of them with high doses of vitamin A that is tissue regenerator.

Course such as Canadian free online courses will help you to gain more knowledge on medical field.

How and with what to treat the scar mark

According to the type of skin of each one, the healing process will be different and that’s when you see the type of brand that will be left. To begin to erase it, reduce it or even to treat brands that have been around for many years, there are natural forms based on oils and herbs. The most effective are:

  • Baking soda: is a natural way to make micro dermabrasion so good for skin with marks. It is used by diluting five parts of bicarbonate in one part of water until a paste is formed. Then with this preparation massage the scar. Let dry one minute and rinse thoroughly with warm water. This operation can be repeated two or three times a week.
  • Lemon juice: a classic for all kinds of brands, especially those that are spots that leave another color on the skin thanks to its citric acid . It is used by cleaning the area of ​​the scar well, dipping a cotton in the lemon juice and applying in the area. Leave on for ten minutes and rinse. With this treatment you have to take care after exposure to the sun, since the combination of both generates spots on the skin, which worsens the problem.
  • Rosehip Oil: Recommended as a natural remedy to eliminate or attenuate scars from burns and also from surgical interventions. It is applied several times a day with light massages on the scar.
  • Aloe Vera: The pulp of the aloe leaf is used on the scar several times a day performing a gentle massage. Its disinfecting power prevents infections and acts as a powerful healing.
  • Shea Butter and Cocoa: both must be used directly on the brand. It is important that the product is of high quality, natural and organic to achieve its full effectiveness. Over time the skin will acquire a smooth and smooth texture.
  • Clarified butter or Ghee: It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for its antioxidant, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties and with a molecular density similar to that of the skin. This way you can easily penetrate the dermis and regenerate it.
  • Snail slime cream: from natural recipe, it is well known for its ability to eliminate scars, stretch marks and skin marks.

Other recommendations to avoid brands

  • Avoid the sun in new scars because it obscures it more.
  • Before a new scar during the first three months it must be covered.
  • Properly heal burns so that later there is less chance of causing a scar.
  • Do not remove scabs on healing.
  • Take care when bathing that they do not get too wet.
  • Before using any cream or prepared by more natural, it should be accompanied by medical advice especially if it is to erase keloids.

The scars are marks on the skin caused by wounds such as burns, which if not properly cured and treated result in damage to the skin that can remain for a long time.

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