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How do I get rid of a dark spot from my skin?

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Homemade mask recipe for dark spots on the skin

Dark spots on the skin are often due to hyperpigmentation problems. The truth is that you can also resort to home remedies to combat this kind of inconvenience. Here we propose a very simple mask to make and that can be very useful.


Do you have problems with dark spots on the skin? Then you can use one of these homemade masks to try to solve them. All the ingredients they contain are usually ideal for this type of problems related to hyperpigmentation. But first know why there are black spots on the skin and some tips to remove spots on the face quickly

Why there are dark spots on the face

If you notice that you have a dark spot on your skin for sure it should be annoying. But why do dark spots appear on the skin? There are many reasons why these alterations in the color uniformity of your skin may appear. These can be pale, reddish or brown .

The excess or lack of melanin (pigment of the skin) is what produces these spots : when there is a lack of melanin in some area of ​​your skin white or pale spots occur , however when there is an excess the spots are red to brown . The main causes of these changes in your skin are the following

  • Sun. If you spend a lot of time in the sun (worse when it is unprotected) your skin will start to produce more melanin than it needs to protect from the sun’s rays.
  • Age. The passage of time produces many changes in your body, one of them is the aging of the skin, which in addition to the lines of expression and the annoying wrinkles produce dark spots.
  • Liver. The spots on the face by the liver are very common, liver pathologies also produce these changes in your skin.
  • Hormones If you are pregnant or taking certain medications your body will experience many changes, one of these are dark spots on the skin.
  • Acne. If you exploit your acne pimples or do not heal well, it is possible that once you leave you will leave some dark spots, which in this case are scars. Keep in mind the tricks to treat acne and avoid them. If the stage of your life in which you suffered this skin problem is over it is time to know how to remove facial blemishes from acne, it is possible to clarify them with natural remedies.

What is good for black spots on the face

Brown skin spots can be uncomfortable and you choose to cover them with makeup . However it is time for you to know how to remove the dark spots on your face to reconcile with your skin with the best natural tricks to lighten them.

None of these tricks are in one go, you should use them daily or several days a week to start seeing the results. But there are several homemade ingredients that you can try to start getting rid of the red or brown spots.

  • Lemon. The vitamin C content of lemon juice is a great antioxidant that inhibits melanin and equal the tone of your skin, clearing spots.
  • Onion. The content of vitamin C (once again), but added to the properties of sulfur are also a natural trick to clear up dark spots on your skin.
  • Vinegar. Just as it does with white clothes , vinegar will also help you get rid of the stains on your skin.
  • Milk. As you will see in the masks below, milk can be used alone or in the company of other lightening ingredients to forget about skin blemishes.
  • Cucumber. Rich in vitamin E, natural oils and help, it is not only moisturizing and anti-wrinkle, it is also good to lighten your skin.

Masks for spots

Try a mask for facial blemishes if you’re tired of seeing them there. These are two simple options of masks to clear the spots on your face or any part of the body.

If you no longer know how to remove dark spots on your face, it is time to try these effective masks , which also require few ingredients and are very easy to obtain.

Potatoes and milk

A simple trick to remove dark spots on the face is this mask that takes advantage of the lightening benefits of potatoes and milk. If you want to make disappear little by little the spots caused by acne, sun, scars and other proof this mask of milk and potatoes .


  • 250 ml of milk
  • A potato


  • Raw, peel and grate the potato. Add the milk little by little.
  • Mix until incorporated, at this point you can add honey to make the mixture softer and at the same time add moisturizing properties to your mask.

Milk and lemon juice

Remove blemishes from the face in a week may be possible if you use this mask of milk and lemon juice. Both ingredients have lightening properties on your skin . Do not forget that you should always apply it at night before going to bed , because if you go out in the sun you could cause light spots on your skin.


  • Two scoops of milk powder
  • A spoonful of hydrogen peroxide
  • A spoonful of lemon juice


  • You must start by placing the milk powder in a container. There add both lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide, mixing well until a homogeneous and well-integrated paste is formed. If necessary, add any of the ingredients that are missing so that it remains in a spreadable consistency.
  • Then you will only have to apply on the areas of your skin, affected with dark spots. Simply place and let the mask act for about 15 minutes before cleaning with water.

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