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Can we use coconut oil to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?

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Home remedies for dark circles with coconut oil

If you want to reduce the annoying dark circles affect the beauty of your face, you share some good home remedies with coconut oil to reduce this problem

Dark circles are beauty problem that occurs as a result of fatigue, poor nutrition, fluid retention, the use of certain makeup products, hereditary factors, contamination, among others. They are characterized by dark skin around the eyes, making the face look tired and sad.

Completely eliminate darkening causing dark circles around the eyes is a bit difficult, but not impossible. There are some natural products like coconut oil, which can help significantly reduce that unsightly darkening that affects both the beauty of the face.

Home remedies for dark circles with coconut oilWhy use coconut oil?

Besides being an economical and easy to buy product, coconut oil is highly beneficial properties for the skin and its moisturizing, anti – inflammatory power and lightening capacity. This product is used to quench various skin irritations and prevent premature aging.

For dark circles, coconut oil is very appropriate because it moisturizes the area around the eyes helps reduce inflammation and gradually disappears these greyish stains that form beneath the eyes.

1. Remedy coconut oil

The first treatment of coconut oil to reduce dark circles is applied a few drops of coconut oil in the ring finger and rubbed with circular massage on the affected areas.  This treatment should be applied every night to act while you sleep.

2. Remedy coconut oil and almond oil

Another option to reap the benefits of coconut oil to reduce dark circles is to mix equal parts of this oil with almond oil. This mixture is applied to the affected areas with gentle circular massage until completely absorbed. If you want, you can use this mixture to remove your makeup every day , because it facilitates the removal of cosmetics and step strengthens your lashes.

3. Remedy coconut oil and mint leaves

A mixture of coconut oil and mint leaves will help to regain normal skin tone around the eyes and say goodbye to this annoying black spot. In this case you should crush a few leaves of fresh mint and you add a tablespoon of coconut oil. You apply it around the eyes for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.

4. Remedy coconut oil and vitamin E

Finally, we leave you a wonderful treatment of coconut oil and vitamin E, which also help reduce the annoying dark circles, it is also very good to preserve the elasticity and collagen in the skin, preventing early onset of wrinkles such as of crow’s feet. For this remedy you simply mix equal parts coconut oil and vitamin E oil , warm water bath, let it sit and then apply it to the contour of your eyes with gentle circular massage. Ideally , use this treatment every morning and every night for best results.

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