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What are some good home remedies for treating a white pus pimple?

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 “Home Remedies for treating white pus pimple”

        Surely if you’ve ever gone to an aesthetic to make a clean face you will have noticed that, before starting treatment, the esthetician applied to the face like vapors or mists. The reason for this preliminary step is that the heat released is achieved soften the skin and therefore, the extraction process is facilitated infection.

So, before starting the extraction of the grain in question, it is essential that your skin is soft and for this, it’s best you do when you’re out of the shower , at which time your skin is perfect for cleaning.

           To remove a grain of pus have to use a cotton alcohol and impregnate . Apply in the area where the grain is and around to get the skin is clean before popping granite. The most recommended is to wait to see the pus is enough to proceed to its extraction because, otherwise, it may cost you a lot (and it hurts) clean it thoroughly. Please note that the more mature you are, the better it can get.

Especially: Never do it with your fingers! Note that, however much you wash your hands, skin live bacteria that could penetrate your skin and cause further infection. You have to always do it with a cotton or gauze which is soaked in alcohol. Squeezes until you see that you can see the first drop of blood, this is the indicator that will tell us that we’ve got all the pus that had accumulated.

          For your grain is very infected, it may be that it hurts too much to press with your fingers. In this case, you can help with a needle and get free the pus that is stored in the skin. If you choose this method you will also have bathed essential that the needle with alcohol to sterilize.

Once your grain is free of pus, it is important to reapply or cotton gauze over it to be clean and sanitize the area. If necessary, you can use a new cotton gauze and bathe her so that the result is impeccable.

  Once already she removed the grain of pus is necessary to close the pores so that no other bacteria that can cause infection again is not strain. To achieve this , it is sufficient that the area applique some purifying tonic or some astringent (lemon or mask green clay can serve).

    After cleaning the pus, your skin will be red for a few days because of the pressure you have done, may even catch fire. To reduce inflammation and get healing is as early as possible, you can choose to use any of these natural treatments :

  • Ice : is one of the best placed to help reduce inflammation anywhere in the body that has been damaged home remedies. You ‘ll have to put a handful of ice cubes in a plastic bag or wrapped in a cloth and then apply it on the area where you have the grain and let it work for about 10 minutes.
  • Fluoride toothpaste : Fluoride will help lower inflammation and accelerate healing process. To achieve only it is sufficient that appliques some toothpaste in the area and allowing it to dry; then clean with water and repeated during the day until you see improvement.
  • Lemon with salt : lemon is an acid and astringent ingredient, so it will help us clean the area. If we mix with salt, another ideal for debugging product, we get a natural tonic to get a thorough cleaning of the skin.

If you want to know other tricks we invite you to read our article on desinflamar a grain .

If your skin usually have pimples, it is essential to begin to treat her with the necessary care. Oily skin prone to suffer from acne states that face daily (morning and evening) wash with mild soap or “oil free” , in this way, it is possible to remove any dirt that may have become steeped in pores and, therefore, prevent entry into the pore and produce pus grains.

It will also require at least 1 time per week, placing an exfoliation of the skin of the face to get clean the dead cells that are responsible for clog pores and, therefore, cause the appearance of acne.

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