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What is a good home remedy for vitiligo? Has anyone seen the results?

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6 Effective Home Remedies For Vitiligo

How to Cure Vitiligo

Who says that vitiligo has no cure? Who says that vitiligo is a pathology with which one must live for life? Nothing is further from reality.

In this post you will find various home remedies for vitiligo that will help you to combat this pathology and its symptoms, allowing you to recover the color of the skin effectively.

The action of these remedies has been proven, as there are certain home remedies for vitiligo, certain natural foods that help the body to stimulate the production of melanin, responsible for giving color to the skin.

In addition, it can be said that thanks to these natural remedies your body will not suffer from risks or side effects of any kind, unlike what happens with drugs or surgery.

Home remedies for vitiligo : 6 essential foods

Do not waste time, money and efforts in conventional treatments that fail to eliminate this problem. The key is to rely on home remedies that allow you to attack the problem from the rootto be able to get rid of it completely, and precisely what you will find in this post. The most effective home remedies for vitiligo are those listed below:

  • Cucumber: Cucumber is a perfect food to combat vitiligo. Cut half cucumber, cut it and mixed with aloe vera and yogurt. Introduce the mixture in a blender to achieve a homogeneous mixture, an ideal liquefied to cure vitiligo.
  • Kiwi: The kiwi is ideal for swallowing in a smoothie, adding a spoonful of pollen. It is advisable to eat this shake every morning when you wake up, before taking your daily breakfast.
  • Black pepper: It has been shown that black pepper has really amazing properties to recover the color of the skin.

Mix ground black pepper with a few drops of olive oil, creating a consistent and creamy mixture, applying it on all the skin spots and leaving on for a minimum of half an hour. Repeat up to 3 times each day.

  • Strawberries: Because one of the reasons for this disease is related to having a weakened immune system, the daily consumption of strawberries is especially beneficial.
  • Chickpeas: Legumes such as chickpeas have a high content of amino acids, substances essential to produce melanin, responsible for the tone of the skin. The consumption of chickpeas will allow you to recover the color of the skin.

  • Basil: Add a little lemon juice in basil leaves and apply to the white areas of the skin. It is important to repeat this process every day for several months, being able to see the results progressively.

With the help of these 6 home remedies for vitiligo you can recover the color of your skin progressively in a natural, safe, effective and fast way. Stop suffering from the white spots on your skin and say goodbye definitely to vitiligo.

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