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Good hygiene, key to caring for the nails of patients with psoriasis – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Early treatment and good hygiene are essential to care for the nails of patients with psoriasis , according to experts consulted by TodoDermo who estimate that between 20 and 50 percent of people with this disease also have nail psoriasis. “This is a common manifestation but often underdiagnosed , ” said Pablo de la Cueva, a dermatologist and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV). Alterations in color and thickness of nails can be the first symptom of skin disease, according to Raul de Lucas, Head of the Pediatric Dermatology Hospital La Paz in Madrid.

These are the tips given by these dermatologists for nail care in people are psoriasis:

– Treatment depending on the degree of involvement. “If the damaged surface is low we can use topical treatment with corticosteroids high power formulated in nail lacquers. If, however, the damage is severe or there are other injuries in other locations, should go for a systemic or biological treatment , “De Lucas explains.

– Cosmetics to protect nails. There is a possibility to treat and moisturize the nails with applying topical creams and emollients with the same active lacquers. In these cases, De La Cueva said that “after application can be occluded with plastic to increase the absorption of these compounds.”

– more efficient assets. In your experience, these patients can “strengthen nails and protect them from external aggressions with products containing vitamins and different amino acids, as well as hydrate with urea – based specific cosmetic”. In this regard, De Lucas says “usually master formulas clobetasol used in protective lacquers”.

– Avoid trauma. Both dermatologists remember the importance of protecting your hands with gloves when working outdoors are made and no nail biting. “These injuries can worsen psoriasis plaques with the emergence of new areas, what we know as the Koebner phenomenon , ” says dermatologist La Paz.

– Cut the nails. You have to keep short nails, polish the rough edges and try to do it after bathing. In these cases the use is permitted limas and when – advierten- “are used carefully to avoid trauma”. In addition, De la Cueva added that “the cuticle must not be deleted because this increases the chance of infection.”

– Avoid moisture. This dermatologist advises AEDV “dry the nails of the hands and feet after bathing because water deteriorates the nail plate and cuticle, drying them can.”

– Using colored enamels. In his view, also contribute to dehydrate nail polish nails. Instead, De Lucas stresses that the major disadvantage of using these products is that “can camouflage the psoriasis lesions and diagnosis difficult.” Both experts advise against applying nail polish remover with acetone because they dry the nails.

– wear suitable shoes. To prevent moisture and skin friction, De la Cueva recommended to wear comfortable shoes with enough space for the foot.

Apart from all these tips, these experts insist that it is an inflammatory disease with other symptoms such as pain, peak and inflammation of ligaments, the latter being an indication of psoriatic arthritis .

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