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What are some good oily skin remedies?

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“Oily Skin Remedies”

Enlarged pores, shine, dullness. Oily skin is a concentration of problems that do not concern that teenage girls. For pimples and blackheads can also show up on adult faces. Do not panic ! Here are ten good tips to remember to finish with imperfections.

How to fight against oily skin

1. I clean my skin every day

The golden rule against the oily skin  :regulate sebum production, responsible for the appearance of blackheads and company. To do this, thoroughly clean your face morning and night. Start by cleansing to unclog pores and make the skin breathe. Then wash your face with a cleanser  non-comedogenic. Finally, apply a cleansing lotion. Once a week, make a mask, clay preferably for immediate radiance.

2. I hydrate my face

Beware of ideas! Oily skin is also thirsty. Remember to moisturize daily, morning and evening. Bet on a cream without fat to the matting effect. This will allow you to hide the gleam that make you look bad.

3. I choose the right exfoliant

Remember: the scrub, to achieve once a week, is an ally “beautiful skin” precious. Be careful to choose a product for your skin type. The faces and necks studded buttons are too sensitive to shock therapy. To clean your skin gently, opt for an exfoliating lotion.

4. I do not touch my buttons!

Facing a button, resist the temptation to break the difficult! But if you touch it, you may worsen the situation. Why ? First, because you ignite the button by making it more visible. Second, because it will cause scarring. To exit without complex, apply a concealer product. The stick concealers are great for hide the imperfections!

5. I pay attention to my diet

We never tire of saying: fried and fatty foods, soft drinks and alcohol are the worst enemies of a perfect complexion! Avoid abuse. True, there is no miracle diet against oily skin. But balanced eating can help. Remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Your skin will thank you.

6. I say goodbye to compact foundation

Hide imperfections in the foundation layers is not a good tip. On the one hand, it makes a mask effect not very pretty. On the other, it suffocates the skin and encrusted pores. Prefer liquid foundations and lightweight. They will standardize your complexion without oppressing.

7. I make up light

The discourse we did for the foundation applies to the entire makeup . Oily skin should not be overloaded. To perfect your complexion, go for a powder and blush minerals. Cosmetic cream would only accentuate imperfections. For eye makeup, kohl beware and all that is likely to sink.

8. I am wary of the sun

The sun is a boon against the buttons … But in the short term! When you go on vacation, you find a peach skin. Once back home, acne explodes. Then consider sun protection. Daily use of cosmetic products containing an SPF between 15 and 20. At sea, spread it with a high-protection cream.

9. I consult a dermatologist

Stress, bad eating habits and a wrong beauty routine can be the cause of skin problems. But the buttons explosions can result from a more complex situation, a hormonal disorder for example. In severe acne, scoot to the dermatologist. It may prescribe a treatment suited to your skin problems.

10. I read the labels

When making your beauty shopping, grab your glasses. Because you will need to read the labels to find the right products for your skin. Care containing salicylic acid (anti-inflammatory) or thermal water (soothing) will delight your skin. However, shun those that contain alcohol, aggressive and irritating.

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