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Goodbye summer, hello spots on the skin

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At the end of the summer it is often in the skin of the face or neck new spots appear especially when you’ve spent the forties. These spots are commonly known as ” age spots”, “sun spots ” and its technical name is lentigo.

lentigines are benign skin disorders . Usually they have a color light or dark brown . They have a homogeneous distribution of the pigment and rounded edges. They usually appear on sun – exposed areas such as forearms, neck, back of the hands and face .

The main reason that causes the appearance of these age spots or lentigines is
sun exposure . During exposure to the sun, the brown pigment lipofuscin, also called age pigment, it accumulates in the epidermis.

Solar radiation is the best known but not the only cause.
Among the causes lentigines or age spots we can also highlight the
alcohol, smoke snuff and other drugs .

This type of skin blemishes are benign so do not require medical treatment.
Still, especially when appearing on the skin of women, they can be used to eliminate skin lightening products as
the despigmentante line (DSP) MartiDerm . In the next post we explain the beauty ritual you can follow to treat stains on your face.

The months of
summer and fall due to extreme changes in temperatures that our skin is exposed, usually the times of year when more attention we must pay to our skin . Always protect your skin with sunscreen, cleanse and moisturize the three actions will ensure you have a healthy skin and cared for .

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