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For advice from the pharmacy for people who want to hide the injuries caused by acne is the main recommendation of products oil-free . There are formulas without oil emulsion makeups both as compact powdery texture , the latter being the most suitable for oily skin.

Consuelo Silveira, beauty expert and Image Consulting in your own school and Beauty Center, suggests the use of pencils in skin color or nude to hide the grains , “sometimes it is more effective than a cream concealer or stick” . The pencils may be specific to cover acne, but also may be resorted to eyeliners “used in the inner eyelid and the eyeball between the flange”. Pencils texture can be used on all skin types, including dry skin. Furthermore, the material they are made – pressed powder – helps dry the beads .

For acne, the reddish color of its spots, the most suitable are the green colors . “This complementary color is red, so perfectly covers any redness , acne much like any stain”, explains Anton Oiana, managing director of Promak Makeup Artists Society .

Order of products

For oily skin, you must first use the pen and then the chosen base. You can also end up covering it again with pencil, while fades with fingertip to blend the pencil with the foundation . It is advisable to use powders, although it depends on the fat level of the skin and makeup. “There are products (bases or correctors) for oily skin too mattifying and if you put powder on top, skin cracks ” Silveira says.

In dry skin it is better to put makeup first and then cover with the stylus . In the skins with rosacea “is advised to put first base corrector ocher, after makeup with some greenish pigmentation and put the pencil on top” account Silveira. They can be applied free or compact powder in certain areas of the face : forehead, chin, nose tip; but not the entire face.

When applying powders, the expert points out that not confuse the brightness of excess fat with light . “When there is too much oiliness, highlights appear in the crease of the chin, nasolabial folds and the bridge of the nose. On the contrary, what a glow of light seen on the cheeks, the tip of the chin or nose, ie where there prominences “. Oily zones occur in the depressions of the face. Vowel Dermopharmacy the COF of Granada, Virginia Ortega says that makeup ” should be indicated to correct and unify skin blemishes  (marks, redness, enlarged pores, scars or lesions) and matificar shine without clogging pores.

Tools for applying makeup

In oily skin, Silveira recalls that sponges latex can cause contact dermatitis in very allergic skin, “although at present silicone sponges that do not produce allergies have arisen”. You can also extend the makeup brushes, but can not guarantee that they will not cause allergies.

If you are going to use loose powder, the best is a tassel fabric . One trick which uses the powder expert skin is “first brush downwards and after ascending to the skin is a more velvety “, although it should not apply much product.

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