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What are some grooming and fashion tips for 18 year old boy of fair complexion?

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Eight tips for beautiful skin in men

Eight tips for beautiful skin in men
Extreme vanity? Excessive cult to the body and the personal aspect? Of course not. The man of today takes care of his skin to protect himself from the passage of time.

Some men still think that skin care is an exclusively feminine issue. It is possible that their habits are reduced to the use of cleaning products such as soap, shampoo, deodorant and lotion. However, for many the story is another thanks to the advancement of the cosmetics industry, which has created lines indicated for the solar care, hydration and skin regeneration of male skins, and which aim to prevent premature aging and maintain the freshness of the skin.

Male skin is substantially different from that of women. It is thicker and thicker, more resistant and tends to be more oily due to the hormonal load. These factors make the daily cares and habits different from the feminine ones.

Despite being stronger, men have traditionally avoided the use of cosmetic products and this makes the skin suffer much more. The effects of stress, snuff, liquor, late nights, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, shaving, fatigue and climatic factors are deteriorating the skin and causing aging.

Today men can fight this havoc through new lines and daily practices that will help them to be better.

Apply the following tips in front of the mirror:

1. It is important to use an after-shave product that helps moisturize and refresh the skin.

2. For men over 30, the market offers eye contour creams that help control premature aging and the appearance of bags and dark circles. Generally they should be applied at night.

3. It is advisable to apply a fat-free sunscreen every morning.

4. The market offers specialized creams to help tighten and firm body skin.

5. For cleaning oily skin, it is important to use a gel cleanser , suitable for this type of skin and that is suitable for male pH.

6. The market also offers a line of products for dry skin , which has cleansing cream, tonic and a moisturizer that helps improve the elasticity of the skin.

7. Tonic lotions also help control the level of fat without dehydrating the skin.

8. The latest generation products in the care of male skin are prepared based on omega fatty acids and vitamin A and C, which help keep the skin firm, hydrated and rested. Some exfoliants contain glycolic acid that helps regenerate cell tissue.

Fashion tips

Knowing the latest trends and knowing how to combine your clothes will make you an impeccable man, with style and personality.

A man who looks after his appearance will always be well seen by the opposite sex

They say that vanity and looking good is exclusive to women, but this is not the case, contrary to what men may think we must also take special care of our person, try to keep fit and healthy, that’s why It is always good to have a good diet and a good exercise routine in our day to day.

In addition, we must always be attentive to our personal care, try to always look impeccable; for this it is necessary to always be fashionable, to dress appropriately with the clothes that best suit us, because this will eventually bring us various satisfactions but above all, it will make us feel good.

We must put aside those taboos where fashion and good looks are intended for women, we as men also have to take it into account and it is something that our partner will appreciate; in this sense Bugatchi Uomo brings some tips to see you well.

First of all you need to know your body, so you can choose the garments that fit your complexion to achieve a positive visual effect. Remember that using the right size is very important to feel comfortable and look good.

The suits of three buttons favor tall men, while those of two to short stature.

If you are short, the ideal is that the shirt always goes inside the pants.

A white shirt and a black one are indispensable in your wardrobe, these classic colors will never go out of fashion, they also project elegance and distinction.

The combinations you use must be harmonious, the colors and textures must go according to the season.

According to the tone of your skin, it will be the colors that you should discard. For clear complexion avoid red, pink, orange, yellow and purple. Men with dark complexions should avoid black, brown, turquoise, green and magenta.

Use a belt of brown leather, simple buckle, thin and in sight, it will be the ideal to complement your outfit.

When you opt for shirts in light colors, remember that they go better with ties in brown.

If your shirt is scratched, it is important that you combine it with a tie in shades of one of the stripes.

The straight cut pants are ideal for thin men, help create some volume in the legs. Additionally, if you want to know more about women’s clothing tips.

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