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How do I grow thick hair on my scalp?

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                   “To Grow Thick Hair On Scalp”

If you’ve tried treatments and things of all kinds, and even your hair does not look strong, shiny, silky and rich, it is because maybe you need to consider a few small details that can make a big difference.

Here we share some sure – fire secrets that can greatly improve your hair from the first few weeks you start to apply them . You need to consider that your hair is not only that part which brush every day, your hair starts from a deep root that thrives on a healthy scalp and well kept. Let ‘s say your hair is like grass: if you want your lawn look healthy, you have to start paying out the land. And as the grass reflects the condition of the soil where it grows, so your hair reflects the general conditions of your health, your mood you and food .

So get to work, which is very good time to put your hair too cute for this summer.

Many of the sufferings of hair due to a malnourished and neglected scalp. So here it is where we must begin. Every day the scalp is full of dust, grease and small particles that often accumulated over small follicles birth hair. If you do not have good hygiene, these follicles become clogged, preventing the hair to nourish and properly oxygenated. When the problem is severe, then we have hair loss, which could not eat and could not “breathe” and then dies and falls. To avoid this, you need to wash your hair daily and pay close attention when you wash it, because often we are used to wash certain way and we forget some. Seeks spend your fingertips all over your scalp, giving circular massage and unhurriedly across your head.

1. Clean hair is very important that you use the shampoo: using products with many irritating soaps or detergents, your scalp gets tired, and irritated. It is highly advisable to wash your hair with softer, more natural products possible. It is also necessary that you check what type of hair you have, so that the shampoo you choose is right for the pH level of your scalp.

2. Fungi: If you have problems with fungus on the scalp, follow these tips: Apply garlic oil all over your scalp and gives a massage for 10 minutes before bathing. After that, wash your hair with some castile soap or neutral.

3. Scales and psoriasis : If this is your case, try to eat foods that contain silicon. In addition to this, buy colloidal silver in the health food store and give this water to massage your entire scalp. You must do this once you’ve washed your head, so that the money stays there all the time, until you get back to wash your hair.

4. Dry hair : dry hair is a sign of a lack of iodine and silicon. If this is your case, even if you put your head mixtures, if your diet is deficient in these minerals, you will not see results. Try to eat fish (salmon), liquefied alfalfa or tablets of the same. Do not forget all products containing lecithin and add to your smoothies few sprigs of parsley and cucumber.

5. Hair loss and lack of vitality : is due to a lack of minerals in the body or excessive stress. This also detracts vitality to the hair. It is necessary to consider rest periods when this very focused on something. or imagination and thinking are very active.

6. Gray Hair or brittle : it means you are not consuming adequate minerals in the diet, or there is excessive consumption of demineralized starches, or refined or canned foods. It is also due to a very stressed or hypersensitive emotional system. A nerve in the body or a feeling of constant pressure collapse, tighten the scalp and hair slim or strangling. Fever, on the other hand, tends to thin the hair. For all this, we must begin a diet rich in minerals, fresh vegetable juices, Consume aloe vera (aloe), and massaging the scalp often. It is important also, while you work, you concentrate on your scalp and ask him to relax. Do it and see how very often the scalp is tense. So relax it to prevent hair root damage. Necessary to stimulate the circulation of the head minerals giving a massage and consuming radishes, onions, alfalfa (can be tableted) seaweeds and so on.

7. Dandruff : to prevent or remove dandruff, you need to massage the scalp followed and rinse thoroughly with water previously prepared rosemary tea.

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