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Guest makeup tricks to go wedding

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  • You’re invited to a wedding and do not know how to apply makeup? Here are some makeup tips to make you dazzling but not outshine the bride (also serve you for communions). Weddings are changing and emerging boldest to be held on the beach or in the countryside, during the day or night options. It is therefore important to bring the whole of our look to the place where it is held.

    If you want to be perfect in one of these special events, the main thing is your face. The skin has

    to be properly treated and hydrated.
    With the arrival of spring it is important that the base

    makeup that we
    choose has
    SPF to protect your skin.

    Subsequently applied correctly based on your face and then use the corrector-illuminator. Fúndelo

    carefully with your fingers and you have the perfect surface for applying any color you

    Prevents excessive or attempts to take unnecessary risks,
    do not you dare with shades of colors

    you do not normally use.

    Opt for colors salmon, browns, coppers and toasted acertarás sure, even without clear the

    rest of the look.
    If the wedding is day commitment to these lighter shades, without recharging and emphasizing much

    cheeks to create a healthy face.
    If , however, it is at night, then choose tones

    somewhat darker, more compact and more marked.

    Look day 

    A healthy face, cheeks pink color and coral lips or even , if you dare with them. Very

    natural and above all elegant and flattering.

    If you choose a style nude look, make your lip makeup is the protagonist.
    A makeup in

    pink tones is simple, flattering, elegant and fits perfectly with red lips. This style

    is ideal for weddings tomorrow.
    If you prefer , you can substitute red passion for
    fuchsia tone ,

    even neon.

    Look at night

    A makeup smokey eye or eye shadows flashier , must be left for the night. In

    this case emphasizes your look with shades such as silver, gold, black and gray.
    If you’re taking your eyes

    bright, the
    nude lip will be your best option in this case.

    Another good option for an evening wedding is to
    give emphasis to your lips red and burgundy uses that

    are ideal but
    never combine with an ornate look , keep the look clean and cheeks


    If you are the type who love to wear headgear and accessories , do not forget your makeup should be kept

    If you wear a headdress with grid on the face it is very important that
    projections especially your

    eyes and your eyes are half covered

    To complete your makeup for weddings  do not forget to add a touch of color to your nails . A nude tone

    is ideal for weddings for day and night.
    If you want to risk, bet on red or

    even black for the night.
    For the day, better
    neutrals , as much pink.

    My favorite products:

    • Bases -Infalible L’oreal, HD Invisinble Cover Makeup Forever Foundation, La Roche Posay Unifiance. 
    • Masks-Bottom Lash Mascara Clinique, Lancome Doll Eyes hipnose, Lash Queen Celebration of

      Helena Rubinstein.
    • Reds lips Heart Bobby Brown, pour Rouge Couture YSL, Nars Dragon Girl. 

     Good week to all!
    You know that admit suggestions for next post! xxx

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