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Hair makeup, the best to cover your gray hair

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Troubled you doing accounts in the calendar.
And it is not looking for just your fertile days, No way !. At this time you are calculating the days you’re on vacation, away from your hairdresser, and want to know
when you should dye your hair  so you do not have frights; ie the gray roots spoilers look not appear. But now you have the solution in the market: covers gray roots instant ‘Color Wow’

This revolutionary professional finishing compound has been an idea of a “problem solver”, Gail Federici , member of the legendary stylist John Frieda, who has thought of all the women who are in the world with this problem.

Gail, also when was frustrated with his own rebellious frizz created an innovative product line control frizz, world super sales. Along with Frieda also he launched the first product line ‘Sheer Blonde and Brilliant Brunette’ system tailored treatments for hair care based on its hue.

Now, Federici presents ‘ Wow Color Innovative New Line’, a range of products for hair care formulated with the intention of preserving life and appearance of dyed hair . Foams lavender and turquoise aimed at balancing the orange or red hues that appear when the color begins to fade, and Pop & Lock which acts as a shield that blocks the hair moisture and protects hair color like the ‘ top coat ‘of a nail polish. The line also includes shampoo, conditioner, and a cream that transforms damaged hair in a minute.  

The top gray ‘Wow Color’ is a makeup for hair that ‘on-the-go’, ie, on the fly is used. It is used only in the completely dry hair. The root powder brush hiding in roots and only removed with a shampoo; although it remains intact for swimming. The formula has a sheen that helps match the color of hair. Brush double closed tip lets you customize the cover – up. Apply to the roots from the scalp. Repeat until the roots disappear. 

The case of ‘Color Wow’ comes in four colors to suit all shades of hair.

Although the idea of ​​covering the roots is nothing new, ‘Color Wow’ contains an amazing formula that makes it one of the best inventions for yourself you touches the gray hairs and roots as if he had done in the salon .

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