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Hair System Range: Avoid hair loss this fall!

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Let this fall … the only downfall is you live the leaves! The range of MartiDerm Hair System is the only loss treatment with three exclusive growth factors that promote cell renewal, growth, anchoring, revitalization and nutrition. How many reasons do you need to have healthy hair?

Pharmacies with the autumn inspired Hair System windows have already received their prizes, like the fans !, who already enjoy their baskets of products for hair care.
On October 9 we publish the winners in our social networks. Have you already seen the results of the draw? Three pharmacies in Spain took a grand prize.

The range Hair System helps keep hair healthy and strong during this time of year.
Telogen effluvium is seasonal hair loss caused by stress, breastfeeding, etc. 3GF Hair System is a revolution in fall protection products, since, thanks to its biotechnological innovation, stimulates hair growth, anchoring and revitalization. Growth factors HGF x3 control the hair cycle: the follistatin slows the fall, IGF-1 regenerates cells and VEGF nourishes the hair.

These are products
Hair System of MartiDerm to help you keep your hair strong and healthy:

Returns your hair vitality and nutrition and prevents its fall this fall!

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