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Having psoriasis does not mean giving up beauty

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More than one million people develop psoriasis throughout his life, usually between 15 and 35 years. This disease, which causes lesions and skin scarring, developed a series of swollen and covered with scaly plaques that can appear anywhere on the body but are more common on the elbows, knees and scalp.

visual impact of injuries that causes psoriasis, patients may feel a loss of self – esteem and a deep fear of rejection by the people around them. As explained by Juana del Molino , president of the Association of patients action Psoriasis , “those affected by psoriasis have great impact on their quality of life because although it is not a contagious disease, not everyone knows and also injuries can crack and bleed, which makes them very uncomfortable and sick may feel ashamed of their appearance. “

This is the main reason why, at the Ramon y Cajal Hospital have developed an initiative to teach makeup injuries from skin diseases . This is a course to learn how to cover injuries with an antiallergic makeup and a little denser, specially designed for this type of patches on the skin. Angels Riva, one of the nurses who taught the workshop, says makeup on the face helps a lot because “the face is the first thing you see and the impact of injuries is direct. Therefore, a good presence and good appearance is a big step for them. ”

To measure the effectiveness of these courses makeup, De la Riva has developed questionnaires to know what the
impact of these diseases on the quality of life of the patient and how these courses have helped improve, increase patient self – esteem and eliminate stress a skin disease can lead to those who suffer.

The results confirm that teach disguise the injury is very effective to make a little easier life of people with psoriasis, burns, atopic dermatitis, cancer patients or patients with post-surgical surgeries . De la Riva explained that “these dermatologic diseases can cause other psychological disorders like depression or anxiety associated and workshop helps address them .”

Because of the great importance of these skin diseases and associated pathologies , it is itself dermatologist or doctor who will assess the possibility of referring the patient to participate in the workshops.

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