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Some Healthy Condiments That Can Get Rid From Many Things

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Author: https://www.sultanarecipe.com/


Every day we used different types of condiments. Condiments have many medicinal benefits like teeth pain, digestion, hair fall, head ache etc helps a lot. Here I give you list of healthy condiments. May this list of healthy condiments will help you to live a healthy and wealthy life.

Cardamom benefits:

  • It helps to increase hunger.
  • Reduce burning of chest.
  • Help to digest.
  • Reduce heart disease and breathing difficulties.
  • Help to reduce coughing.

Cinnamon benefits:

  • Very helpful for arthritis.
  • Reduce bladder infection.
  • It keeps the heart healthy.
  • It helps to keep blood circulation normal.
  • Reduce 10% cholesterol in blood within 2 hours.
  • If a women use cinnamon powder in her gum it helps to increase reproduction.

Cloves benefits:

  • It helps for reduce teeth pain.
  • Help to reduce coughing.
  • Reduce stomach pain.
  • It is very helpful for pirya (a dental disease).
  • Reduce vomiting tendency.
  • Remove distastefulness.
  • Reduce irritation in the neck.
  • Increase creativity and mental focus.

Onion benefits:

  • If you are suffering from head ache put onion crushed in your forehead, it will help to reduce head ache.
  • If you are suffering for hair falling use onion paste, it will help for reducing hair fall.
  • Eat fresh onion it helps to reduce cholesterol.
  • Fresh onion helps to reduce heart disease, thrombosis, and blood pressure.
  • It is helpful for piles and anemia.

Garlic benefits:

  • Help for reducing hair fall.
  • Keep lever well.
  • Reduce diabetes.
  • Very good for acne.
  • Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol of blood.

Ginger benefits:

  • Ginger helps for removing diabetes type kidney difficulties.
  • It helps for increasing hunger.
  • Reduce gas of stomach.
  • It helps to prevent cancer.
  • Reduce cough and cold.
  • Reduce arthritis pain.
  • Help to digestion.
  • Control heart disease.

Black pepper benefits:

  • Reduce coughing and sore throats.
  • Remove indigestion.
  • Useful for sinus.
  • It helps to remove dandruff.

Nutmeg benefits:

  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Keep stomach clear.
  • Useful for diarrhea.
  • It keeps heart active.
  • It useful for sleep apnea.
  • Increase enhances attention.

Mace benefits:

  • Reduce tonsil.
  • Useful for coughing.
  • Reduce Vomiting tendency.
  • Useful for acne.

Aniseed benefits:

  • It helpful for digestion and reduce stomach gas.
  • Increase maternal breast milk.
  • It enhances the eyesight.
  • It helps in cure constipation.
  • It helps to prevent heart attract and stroke.
  • It helps to reduce wait.

Bay leaves benefits:

  • It helps to reduce allergic problems.
  • Useful for skin brightness.
  • Useful for gum damaged.

Turmeric benefits:

  • It is very helpful for prostate cancer.
  • It stops growing the cancer cell.
  • It is very helpful for Colon cancer.
  • It keeps the lever well.
  • It helps to keep blood circulation normal.
  • It helps to prevent Alzheimer.
  • It helps to increase hunger.
  • Helpful for decreasing jaundice.
  • Keep skin healthy.

Source: https://www.sultanarecipe.com/blog/

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