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Vinegar, yogurt, cucumber, tea or milk. This is not a summer menu, but some of the most effective home remedies to relieve pain caused by sunburn. Montserrat Pérez, Moragas Clinic dermatologist, already had in this interview how you can treat an injury of this type. This time he told TodoDermo what are the most useful home remedies are.

-vinegar: “because it contains acetic acid relieves itching, burning and swelling in the skin”, he recognizes. Basting is used directly over the affected areas to relieve itching. Although another useful form is indicated by Perez prepare a vinegar solution (1 tablespoon) in 1 liter of cold water and this mixture make wet compresses over the burned area.

-Yogur: “Yoghurt with a compress layer proteins is provided, which help reduce the heat in the skin and maintain the natural moisture. For use, it is spread on the skin and then wash with cold water , “he adds.

-Pepino: this legume calm the ardor and restores skin. It must either blend until a smooth consistency, or directly place the slices on the skin.

-Aloe Vera: is used in many creams that are used to treat sunburn because they provide soothing relief and can help in the healing process. Although, as Perez notes, “the gel extracted directly from an aloe vera plant works better.”

-Taninos Tea: help soothe and relieve some of the discomfort of burned skin. “After preparing a large pot of chamomile tea, leave to cool completely and add some ice to speed the process.”

-Milk: Perez explains known that fatty acids and lactic acid in milk are soothing to the skin condition. She suggests “dip a soft cloth or cotton gauze in fresh whole milk and apply carefully on the injured area.”

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