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Acne Problem With Boys

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Adolescence is a time of great change, especially for the skin very sensitive to hormonal changes that occur at this stage of life. Generally becomes more fat , because of the action of testosterone in stimulating the sebaceous gland. “Often this results in the appearance of acne, both in their (the most common) comedoniana variant as pustular papules (with pus in grains) , ” explains Montserrat Salleras, Chief of Dermatology at University Hospital Sacred Heart of Barcelona .
Salleras also relates this stage with seborrheic dermatitis, which appears on the face and scalp trunk (in form of dandruff).

  • When you enter adolescence hair begins to have more fat and be tending to have dandruff

But acne is not the only problem that the dermis of young people crossing the threshold of puberty is. Sweat glands also change and, consequently, the composition of sweat appearing hyperhidrosis: “The feet and armpits smell more not only because more sport or because young people are more careless done. Is because when you reach this age you perspire more , “says Javier Pedraz, a dermatologist at the University Hospital Quirón , Madrid.

They can inflammations occur in the area where the apocrine sweat glands. These are called pintails, the hidrosalitis suppurative. In addition, the increased sweating and a lifestyle with more exercise can lead to other diseases: fungi, bacterial infections, viral warts, calluses, among others.

For Pedraz, another change occurs in the hair: “When we are children hair is thinner, usually not greasy. But as soon as he enters adolescence begins to take its appearance of adult: more fat, aiming to have dandruff. “

generally women before man reaches adolescence; his body mature at an earlier age and therefore develops these problems first.

Also, if your appearance changes are fast, streaks can appear for a loosening of the skin . “Arise from changes in volume or weight, good high and are common in the breast and hip. Although not exclusive to women, men can also be found , “says dermatologist at the Hospital Quirón.

What is unique for girls is hirsutism or excess hair in areas where there should only appear to him to the man face, mustache, sideburns, areolas … That and the changes that take place during menstruation. ” It affects the skin is more sensitive during these days, especially in the ovulatory peak. Therefore, there are many skin conditions that arise just when the girls are spending their menstrual cycle , “says Pedraz.

Meanwhile, the boys suffer more acne problems: the new hair emerges on her face also generates more fat and therefore favors the appearance of acne. “Both acne and seborrheic dermatitis present their most severe forms in males , ” said Montserrat Salleras. And, although towards the end of adolescence, they may also suffer the first onslaughts of alopecia.

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