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How do you remove acne scars?

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“Natural remedies for acne scars”

Thanks to vitamin E, you can eliminate scars on the skin. Apply daily, with a small massage on the face, until completely absorbed.

We have all suffered the uncomfortable acne discomfort of our youth, are associated with hormonal changes and affect the aesthetics of our face. But just as unpleasant is to reach maturity and have with us those unsightly marks that leave on our skin in the form of a permanent wound, some stains originated after an inflammatory process where acne did not heal properly.

To understand a little more what acne scars are and what they should be, we must remember that pimples are an enlargement caused by fat glands in the skin, accumulating bacteria and more fat, which usually affect the face and our skin. back. Acne can be mild or serious, can be simple white spots or pimples, or become painful cysts under the skin filled with pus.

It is precisely these nodules that are more likely to leave scars on our skin, especially if we touch them, since manipulating them always results in a greater infection that always causes those uncomfortable marks on our skin.

Types of acne scars

  • Pigmented scars: They are those spots that persist even if the pimple or pimple has disappeared, they have a pinkish or even a brownish pigmented tone, they disfigure on the face and take a long time to disappear.Acne
  • Holes or wells: They are holes in the skin caused by an acne lesion where there was pus. It is about wounds caused by ourselves when the pimple bursts.

Natural remedies for acne scars

The natural remedies that we are going to reflect next, are the most used by the creams that we usually use for these conditions, and that, normally, so much money costs us. Also comment that the results are not immediate, you should be constant and apply the one you think is most appropriate every day, and especially at night. In the long term, those uncomfortable spots caused by acne will eventually resolve.

  • Aloe Vera or aloe vera : the fleshy pulp of these leaves contains plant extracts with incredible regenerative properties, their benefits are well known for our skin, especially to heal, to resolve stretch marks, burns and acne spots. For this, just take the pulp of the Aloe, at least a teaspoon and apply it where you have the scars. Let it act for 30 minutes, then wash it with warm water.aloe vera for the skin
  • Baking soda: The baking soda has an exfoliating effect that acts on mild scars, being ideal for acne. Just moisten your face , and apply a little bit of baking soda a few seconds where you have the stains, then wash with warm water. Do not abuse this remedy, you will find results with doing it once a week. since bicarbonate can damage sensitive skin.
  • Lemon: Perfect to whiten the skin, you can use it before going to sleep, use a cotton soaked in lemon juice and apply it where you have the spots for about fifteen minutes. It is important that you never expose yourself to the sun with this lemon application on your face because it can hurt you, always at night.
  • Honey: Regenerative and smoothing, if we have greasy skin for example we can mix it with egg yolk to make a kind of mask, it is ideal to resolve spots. Apply a brushstroke where you have the spots, letting it act 20 minutes and then rinse with water abundantly. Also, comment that honey has the best properties for the skin.
  • Rosehip Oil: Like honey, it has regenerative properties to alleviate damaged tissues. Resolves stretch marks and scars creating new tissues. We can apply it before going to sleep, its perfume is also very nice.

  • Tomato: has anti-exfoliating properties and also is rich in beta carotenes, ideal for the care of our skin. To take advantage of its properties we can cut a few slices and leave it in our face for ten minutes. If you have a little more time you can also make an excellent tonic based on tomato juice and cucumber , just liquefy a tomato and half a cucumber and dip with a cotton swab affected areas with this wonderful tonic.Tomato
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin is essential for the care of our skin, to use it and to take advantage of its incredible virtues, you can look for it in pharmacies and herbal shops. It is perfect to bring us luminosity, regenerate the skin, combat aids and tone our skin. The scars of the skin will gradually disappear if you apply it every day by means of a small massage on the face that may favor its absorption. Vitamin E could be your best ally for acne marks.

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