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How does cold affect sensitive skin? – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Weather changes and , in particular, low temperatures can have a negative impact on the skin causing “problems such as dryness, increased redness and cracking and irritation” , says to TodoDermo hemely Varela Aponte, the Training Department of Laboratories Darphin Spain . These annoyances can affect everyone, but not equally. In fact, “sensitive skin suffer more due to sudden changes in temperature, increasing redness, blotches or rosacea” he says. 

And what is the cause? “Cold causes cutaneous vasoconstriction and weakens the hydrolipidic protective film, causing a drop in skin temperature in order to maintain body temperature”, Varela explained. “Unlike our internal organs, skin is adapted to support temperatures below 37 ° C but involves the loss of elasticity, reduced blood flow and suppressing sweating” he added.

HOW PROGERLA low temperatures
The first step in skin care is proper cleaning, “to enhance the products that apply later , ” and good hydration, according to Varela. At this point, the expert notes hydrating long term as “hyaluronic acid, rose essential oil and extracts kiwi, watermelon and apple”.

For forming the laboratory when choosing the best cosmetic to hydrate and protect the dermis is important “to a successful skin type and needs allowing proper diagnostic use”.
So, to soothe the skin, from Darphin recommend “Intral line, created over 50 years ago by Pierre Darphin, for its ability to relieve redness, restore uniformity and strengthen the natural barrier” .
These products contain:
1. camomile extract and panthenol “which acts as a soothing”.
2. Extract peony and hawthorn, “with antirrojeces action.”
3. Polysaccharides, “that protect and regenerate the skin.”
For proper hydration, Valera also advised the Hydraskin line “because it replenishes optimal levels of water immediately and lasts all day.” These products “reeducate the skin’s ability to rehydrate.”

Two of the featured products of this line are:

Serum Extreme Hydration Complex consists of:
1. Extract Granada “that preserves the capital of water from the skin.”
2. Urea “favoring water binding in cells”.
3. Polyquaternium “which enhances water retention.”

The Hydrastructure Technology include:
1. Salicornia (marine alga) “which enhances the diffusion of water into deeper layers”.
2. Lavender (aromatic flower) “retarding water evaporation reinforcing the skin barrier.”


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