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How should you remove makeup? We present the ideal product for your skin type

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Makeup remover or cleaning our face is a beauty routine that we should all be incorporated. This because it is essential for our skin to have a healthy and beautiful appearance. Laura Boettiger make – up artist and director of Make up insiders explained the characteristics of different products that exist to remove. We tell you who are indicated for each of these products. 
How many types of products desmaquillarse there?

are many: bar soap, liquid soap, gel, foam,
micellar solutions , creams, cleansing milks and Cleansing Wipes name the most common”.
Bar soap and liquid soap: For oily to combination fat.For its formula they tend to clean, leaving no residue or oily feel. Make – up artist explains that caution should be exercised with bar soap, “I feel dry to end any skin type. If fat, sometimes wiping ends, especially because the most common use is in the shower with hot water, which can be a fatal combination. ” 

It is very important to
remember that the very tight skin feeling after cleansing, is not a positive aspect.

Gel, foam, micellar solutions: These products are suitable for standard-mixed slightly dry skin. They are a good compromise and balance the skin while the longer comfortable. Neither tight nor on hydrated.

Make –
up artist adds that “I do not see a disadvantage to this alternative, I find good products for skin with oily and dry zones at the same time.”

Creams, cleansing milks: This product is suggested for people with dry skin. Its texture and components, leaving the skin not only clean but also hydrated. The key is passing cotton gently and with the right amount of product for the film on the skin is moist enough to leave, but not so heavy.
In addition , the expert explains that it is a good choice for sensitive skin, this because “usually are milder and cause less irritation”.
Cleansing wipes: They are a very convenient and practical option. But keep in mind that you are an emergency solution. “They are used to save the minute when you are very tired in, you go out one weekend and do not want to take so many products on your cosmetiquero. Between that and nothing better use, but do not get used , “he suggests the expert, who said that in general” tend to dry the skin. ”

Anyway wipes market has become more
sophisticated, so today we find differentiated skin type and need.

Eye makeup removers for different formulas exist, we tell you how are each one of them.

Cream or salve: They are ideal for eyes with eyelids that tend to be dry.
Biphasic: is a composition having water and oil, allowing more easily is removed makeup. It is ideal for normal to dry skin.
The water – based: As micellar solutions or some specific in that formula, especially for more fatty eyelids thus leave no residue.

It is very important that you take notice of whether or not to
remove the waterproof makeup, since the choice of product you use also depends on the makeup you use. Remember that the ideal is to clean the face using soap first, then tonic and cream.


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