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How to avoid sleep at the wheel? Decalogue of tips

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According to an article in the Blog Health and Rest of Pikolín , referring to statements by Joaquín Terán, director of the Multidisciplinary Sleep Unit of the University Hospital of Burgos, ” sleepiness is related to traffic accidents by up to 30% cases, and they are those with higher mortality “.

Driving after a long day of work or shifts that alter us the usual hours of sleep, leave home too early to avoid traffic jams without having slept the sufficient time, returning home at dawn after many hours out, take the car after high physical exertion, or after eating large meals are some of the most common reasons that may appear drowsy driving.

One of the greatest dangers is the ‘ Microsleeps ‘ very short periods of sleep (just 4 or 5 seconds), however, they make you lose control of the vehicle and therefore can be lethal.

In addition to d ormir the necessary hours before get behind the wheel of a vehicle  and having a healthy break from usual, should follow these recommendations to prevent us from sleeping at the wheel:

1. Be aware of the responsibility and the risks of driving, and acts accordingly.

2. At the first sign of sleep notes to the vehicle in the first area of rest enabled you find, and take the time to rest before driving again.

3. Do not rely on the power of stimulants such as coffee, tea or energy drinks.

4. Take breaks every two hours since, as cited in Coches.com , “after four hours behind the wheel the driver takes twice as long to react to an unexpected”.

5. Drive with sunglasses during the day, since the constant high brightness accelerates the onset of sleep processes.

6. Avoid driving at dawn, because our body associates these hours to rest and multiplies risk of drowsiness.

7. Ventilarcon often the vehicle and do not keep a high temperature, it is more conducive to sleep.

8. Engage in conversation with other occupants and, in the case of going alone, do not put soothing music.

9. Do not eat heavy meals just before the trip, and along this, because during the period of maximum activity of the digestive system often appear drowsy, but not you drive on an empty stomach, because the lack of blood glucose causes weakness it can lead to sleep. Replacing, making chewing gum, candy or sweets , according to different studies, stimulate the senses and improve attention span and perception.

10. In case you medicándote, talk to your doctor there are no contraindications and that the treatment in question does not contain substances that cause drowsiness or inattention.

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