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How to be great at 50 as Monica Bellucci

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Monica Bellucci has become at 51 the new ‘woman’ Bond. Accustomed to surround himself with young girls, the agent 007 is joined on the new release, ‘Specter’ of a mature woman, curvy and very sensual, that has nothing to envy its predecessors. But what we have to do other women to age 50 as great as the Italian actress?

The recent release of the latest installment of the most famous agent in film history, ‘Specter’ is located in the crosshairs his female protagonist, with permission Bond (Daniel Craig). And that’s the new Bond girl, Monica Bellucci is the ‘woman’ Bond, as she has qualified in more than one  interview .

Monica Belluci is a bellezón, there’s no doubt, and has always fled cosmetic surgery, which many actresses come to prolong their youth. So what to do in order to stay super surpassed 50 years?

Tips for care from age 50

by hormonal changes experienced by women from age 50, menopause,
the skin loses elasticity, becomes dry , becomes thinner and consequently appear more wrinkles and fine lines on the face, neck and décolleté, mainly. It is also normal that more spots and freckles appear. But besides the oval face is losing strength.

Skin rest of the body also tends to show a greater tendency to dehydration and loss of firmness, as well as localized fat accumulation in certain areas of the body. Hair loses strength and becomes thinner and nails become more brittle.

Given these characteristics of age, which may vary, of course, from one woman to another, these are the specific recommended care after 50 years.

– Healthy Living . Healthy living habits are essential at any age, but more, if possible, from 50. Doing regular exercise (no need to put yourself to run a marathon, it is enough and more advisable to walk every day between 30-45 minutes), bring a healthy and varied diet (fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, meat … everything, but in perspective because from 50 the body consumes less energy, and attention to specific nutrients like calcium to fight osteoporosis), not smoking and not drinking are the four basic pillars to protect us from the 50.

Protection . The sun is the major enhancer skin aging, so protect us from the sun in summer but also in winter, it is essential to delay the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Sun protection is important at any age, in fact if you have not protected your skin to 50, probably complicated than your skin no longer own show signs of age. But is that from the 50, the skin, to be thinner, it is even more sensitive to sunlight . So sunscreen should become the indispensable product in the ritual beauty of women from age 50. Even winter, apply on exposed parts: face, neck, chest, hands …

Hydrate . Skin from 50 loses elasticity, firmness and shown drier. So you need to pay special attention to hydration in the morning and evening. It is advisable to seek specific treatments for mature skin , which are usually more nutritious and moisturizing, which help cell regeneration, which increase firmness, elasticity and skin tone, which attenuate spots and open pores. Serums, essential oils, peelings, masks, gels and eye contour creams day and night are the allies beauty of women from the 50. Without forgetting the skin cleansing, which should be comprehensive and better using milk moisturizing cleanser.

– Objective: Do not forget about those areas of the body that reveal age . To reach 50 as great as Monica Belluci is important to look not only face also other areas of the body that usually do not pay much attention. We speak neck and neck (from the 50 we recommend that you apply a special cream for this area of the body, which accumulates wrinkles and blemishes), the hands (who are constantly exposed to the sun, and must be protected with sunscreen and moisturize daily with specific creams) of the arms (specifically the inner face), belly, knees … of those areas where you accumulate fat (a reducing cream will come in handy to control localized fat).

– Rejuvenating Makeup . Makeup becomes our ally to subtract years. Makeup funds should be creamy, matte makeup fluids … put years. The aim is that the skin is displayed juicy and bright . Remember that clog lines based makeup only thing it will do is enhance them further. Follow the advice of our blogger Pilar Lucas to take away years with makeup  and be just as great Monica Bellucci. 

– Viva mane . It is customary for many women from age 50 cut their hair and replaced their manes by hairstyles like pixie, bob, or manes midi. The reason is that over the years the hair also ages, it becomes more fragile and brittle and loses volume. But there is Monica Bellucci (and many other celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle MacPherson, Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore …) age – defying hair and looking from the 50. To take care is recommended to use  specific shampoos fragile hair , and more often go to the hairdresser, to carry haircut arranged, for example, with layers that give more volume, and even with a fringe, remaining years.

Photogallery on top you can see a selection of specific products for care from the 50. 

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