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How to choose the right makeup brush

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Hello everybody!

I receive many questions about the paint brush and see that there are many doubts on this subject. And it is that really there are so many brushes out there and so specific uses it is logical to miss.

Forget paintbrushes “Chinese” brushes that I gave in perfumery to buy something and forget about the little small brush that come with blushers and shadows (rarely serve anything). Now you can also throw the little sponge applicators, which often remain dirty in shadow boxes.

A good and well maintained brush can last for many years (more than 10) so Do numbers and decide whether it is worthwhile or not to invest in the right tools for maquillaros …. I will speak of the characteristics general of brushes, we should keep in mind when buying them :

1. Size: usually one can say that the bigger and wider is a brush, the more blurred the product. So the powder and rouge brushes are great and applying eye stripe for example, are estrechitas (also taking into account the surface must be covered). Regarding the length of the handle of the brush, it really depends on the taste of each person.

2. Natural hair vs. artificial hair: natural hair is usually the most expensive element paintbrushes and that is a big difference and finishing touch of pony hair brush or beaver for example , and an artificial plastic ..

3. Hardness: more hard softer brushes and others, it depends on the type of hair that are made or whether they are attached to a more or less compact way. Depends on what we want to use must be of one type or another. The poor quality of some paintbrushes makes them lose a lot of hair and when you’re using will leave annoying hairs that fall out of the brush. Believe me, no more annoying thing ….

How I can choose brushes well?

1. Consider your makeup routine. There are spectacular brushes, but it is a pity that the relegues decorating (even ideally) your dresser. When renewing your brushes it is essential that you wonder how you like makeup and what effect you want to achieve.

2. Commitment to quality . Become a small test on the inside of the wrist: It’s so soft and sensitive as the face area. If the bristles are rough you, try another. The natural hair textures are perfect for powder. Synthetic bristles are for smooth textures.

3. Your hands remain. Blur brushes, textures melt and stick to the face, but uses the back of your hand like a painter’s palette. It is key to controlling the amount of product.

4. Take the brush compact . They are very practical for quick touch away from home, though I prefer a professional to work well any makeup product.

5. Make the brush is multifunctional . No need to accumulate an arsenal of brushes. I use, for example, concealer brush to apply foundation. Cleaning makeup brushes is one of the tasks that you can not leave it for later. And it’s very simple, you only require minimal products is not necessary to use specialized cleaning products brushes. Learn to wash them is simple and prevent the spread of germs on your face without hygienic brushes that deliver smoother and durable finish.

Start warm tap water, never with cold water as it would not clean the brush thoroughly. Ideally, only wash the bristles of the brush, heading down, otherwise it could lose its shape and thickness. Avoid brushes immersed directly in water.

Apply some cleaner for makeup brushes, specific products, baby shampoo, soap or your own mix. Then rub gently until some foam, be sure to reach each bristle to clean deep. Do not wash the wood or metal part connecting the bristles to the handle. 

Rinse with warm water until no traces of foam, especially in the center of paintbrushes. Once thoroughly rinsed, let them dry in a towel, horizontally without the bristles remain near the surface, this could change their thickness and their natural form. As a rule, do not rush the process with a hair dryer or beat your brushes. You do not want the bristles become detached from its base.

When they are completely dry put them in your case, you can also use a cloth or a special envelope for makeup brushes. If you leave them exposed, even if they are clean, dust and germs from the environment will accumulate in them.


1. Comb eyebrows and eyeliner, of
Mary Kay

2. Kabuki Powder Brush, from
Make Up Store (45 € at Sephora)

3. Blusher Brush, of
The Body Shop (15 €)

4. Eye Crease Brush, Basin the eye,
Rituals (13,50 €)

5. Brush lips 11 of
YSL (43.10 €)

6. Brush retractable lips 318 of
M · A · C (27 €)

7. Brush base and powders,

8. Brush Perfect Foundation of
Shiseido (31.10 €)

9. Push eyeliner brush 2 of
Nars (32.80 €).

10 Brush eyebrows Kryolan (15 €): Cleaner
Make Up For Ever purifing Brush Cleanse r.

As always that you may be very happy!

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