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Well, let’s learn a little more about how to cover a tattoo with makeup, of course, not forgetting previously protect and maintain our neat and healthy skin with a makeup step above:

  • High coverage makeup

    To make up a tattoo you should use a high coverage makeup. These stains contain much pigment in their formulation and are usually very dense texture. There are makeups that are specific for tattoos and are fixed hours without disappearing and are even waterproof. These have a very high coverage so ideally with a single layer completely covers the tattoo.

  • Choosing the right tone

    To cover a tattoo must select an identical makeup to tone our skin to be perfectly integrated and no edge or tonal area noticed. For example, we will not use the same tone makeup if we make up a shoulder or a tanned area if we make up the inner arm where the skin is usually clearer.

  • Prepare the skin

    Before cover a tattoo with makeup skin should be clean, dry and hydrated, as long as we go to make ourselves up anywhere on the body, either the face, etc … In this case as well the area will be uncovered can use a first that nurtures and protects makeup and wear sunscreen. A product highly recommended for such cases is for example the specific lotion Ladival tattooed skins with filters SPF50 + as it has filters that protect skin from UVB and UVA and also IR-A. Moreover , its texture is smooth making it ideal as a base for makeup tattoo even be dense liquid. It also has a high water resistance, so from the beginning we will be helping to prevent water or sweat end up spoiling the tattoo itself. Ladival Tattooed Skin is specially formulated to care for the color of the tattoo and avoid altering provitamin B5 containing nutrients and oils that help keep skin feeling greasy.  As a personal experience, I can tell you that I have received many positive messages from customers who have been using this sunscreen because the tattoo has not lost color like other summers they had not used this specific sunscreen.

  • Application

    As for how to apply makeup to cover a tattoo ideally do with paintbrushes type “cat ‘s tongue” for a perfect finish because they are leaving additional product (covering more) and the result is more homogeneous . Sponges absorb more product and other brushes leave a lighter finish that goes well for the face, but not to cover intensely as necessary in the case of tattoos. If a layer is the relief, you can add another second layer, affecting the most deprived areas. At the end you can finish integrate the product with your fingers; the heat of these will help the makeup better integrated with our skin. Finally, we must ensure that the makeup mache no clothes, nor go missing. The simplest is to seal it with translucent powder thus be fitted and secured more hours and provide a more natural finish. 


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