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How to delineate your eyes according to the shape they have

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The well known “eyeliners” are a very good option to take advantage of your look, without the need to occupy a lot of makeup. Then we leave some tips to make your eyes more striking, given its attributes.

The look is one of the main weapons of seduction that we women, but often we do not take advantage by not knowing highlight, without falling into the grotesque.

The key to a powerful look is makeup, but above all
outlined . While it is a process that many complicated -for lack of pulse or motor with FINA a little practice you can achieve spectacular results, if we outlined our eyes taking into account the type we have.

And with our body’s the same;
we use a certain type of clothing, depending on the texture we have. In the case of
eyes the law is the same, because we have to “clothe” in a harmonious way, according to their qualities.

To give you an idea of the
type outlined that you should use , here are some tips to create a powerful and sensual look. For example, if you have eyes:
According makeup experts, this type of eyes is the beauty ideal, as they have a “balanced” way.
If you want to add depth to your look, you must draw a line – from inside to outside- you go making thicker at the end of the eye.
In this case, the objective is to
raise the eye liner to make the shape of the eye approaches the hazel model. To achieve this, we must draw the line upward from the upper eyelid.
When this type of eye makeup, it seeks to
make them look bigger with the help of eyeliner. To achieve this, simply draw a line following the natural lash line.
When outlining your eyes, not only the shape of the line is what counts.
You must also look out on the thickness; the line must be harmonious in the upper eyelid. If it is exaggerated or is more noticeable your eyes, we’re in trouble.
This work seeks to intensify your look not so obvious, and favors the natural, rather than a gatúbelo look.




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