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How to enhance the cheekbones with a prolonged effect and far from surgeries

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Many women dream of having cheekbones like Scarlett Johansson actresses or Angelina Jolie . And this feature of the face is key to what is known as the “triangle of beauty”, because it helps to give an appearance of elegance, freshness and sensuality.

for those who have not been privileged with the bounties which nature sometimes delivered through genetics, or the passage of time has made theirs , there are some alternatives to enhance cheekbones without surgery.
We talked with Dr.
Carla Naves , medicine specialist facial aesthetics Clinic Avaria
, Who explained the alternatives that exist today to improve this facial feature.

As we told the specialist,
among the most common fillers for volume cheekbones is hyaluronic acid , which lasts about one year.

But there is
another filler that arrived in Chile earlier this year, called
Ellanse . It is a biocompatible material called polycaprolactone, and its advantage is that it prolongs the effect for four years. And not only that, also it promotes high generation of collagen, which promotes tissue firmness in the area.
“Many women complain of sagging face. When filling the cheekbones, you contribute also to raise factions with a lifting effect and to obtain a more youthful look , he explains.

Dr. Carla Naves explained that over the years the size of the cheekbones is reduced.

“The bone is reduced with age for resorption process.
Added to this it is that, around 35 years, the deep fat cheekbone starts to descend weakening of the ligaments that hold, causing the cheekbone volume decreases and begins to flatten the face. Also increases fat around the chin , “he explains.

But to slow the gradual disappearance of the cheekbones, the specialist Avaria Clinic recommends:

– Eating a diet rich in calcium to prevent bone resorption prematurely.

– Perform physical exercise, because increasing the blood supply to tissues, they nourish and oxygenate the best way to
avoid spoilage.

– Sleep at least 8 hours to prevent accelerated deterioration of the body.

– Avoid strict and extreme diets, because the fat layer decreases too, including the cheeks, so that they would be smaller.


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