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How to get a radiant look in 5 easy steps

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They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, a look can enclose million thoughts without even uttering a word, that one can conquer someone in a matter of seconds … or fall at her feet in the same fraction. Therefore, it is essential that you pay close attention to their care. But getting a radiant and dramatic look is not impossible task. We are five easy steps with which to achieve this, it will be plain sailing …

Step 1 : Nighttime Care 

You may be surprisedthe fact begin at the end of the day but, as always, a good cleaning is the best ally of our natural beauty

Removes make your eyes very carefully , always with delicate movements down and never rubbing. Uses a gentle, specific makeup remover for this area, it will be easier desmaquillarte with this product and you’ll do better.

• Use eye contour , apply a gentle massage . Apply the contour around the eye and not on the lid, which is not necessary.

• Take a relaxing infusion , will help you sleep better, to rest and also you will rise to the less congested face.

Step 2: Morning Watch

Morning, dab your fingers can make a difference in your look :

Wash your face gently . If you have the swollen eyes , you can use cold water , but not rub or irritarás more.

• Apply eye contour with a little massage , like at night.

If you wear contact lenses, wear them before using any cream , not irritate the eyes, and ask your eye drops for use with contact lenses and keep the eye lubricated .

Step 3: Fix your gaze

There are many famous declaring that if they had to choose an essential cosmetic in their day to day, that would be the corrector . For the day, with a few brushstrokes , you can get you the most out thanks to this product:

• Apply the concealer on ojera . This must be well hydrated , you will see how well the product does not crack.

• Always use one as a final touch of maqui-illuminator corrector llaje. Apply especially in the area of the tear to open the eye. Remember that the remedial-illuminators not correct, only give light , so if you have a very strong ojera, you must use a conventional corrector before.

qualifies the area ojera with a loose powder only slightly . That area must be completely matte , but be careful not to put too much product.

Step 4: Illuminator Makeup

A slight but flattering makeup can totally transform the look :

• For daytime makeup , apply a shadow cream all over the lid , and brown pencil between the tabs to thicken . Diffuses and applies double mask layer.

• For evening makeup , applied to the bone a shadow on earth or gold tone and black pencil between tabs top, bottom and inside the eye. Diffuses and you’ve created a seductive eye quickly . Do not forget to apply double layer of mascara.

Step 5: Protect yourself

This last step also is fashionable. Use sunglasses good quality whenever there is lots of light. Not only will protect your eyes from the sun’s rays , but also avoid eyestrain  and accentuate lines and tire the eye, and can incorporate a supplement to your most chic summery image .

* Tips provided by Tuimagenpersonal.com

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