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How to get long, abundant and curly lashes

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They wear long eyelashes, curly, endless … And the look is perhaps the most important part of a woman, one that focuses on a first instant. And to show off a fresh, radiant and expressive look, have a good tabs is basic. Masks, extensions, false eyelashes, serum and specific treatments are at the service of all women so we can show off a look of film .

This season the tabs are, along with eyebrows, big players in makeup . And that is to enhance the nude makeup , so fashionable, nothing like a perfect lashes. The celebrities know and have seen how in the last many actresses wore Oscar extensions or heavy mask to enhance their look.

In a full makeup eyelashes they are always essential, but is that even if you decide to go out literally washed face, simply apply yourself mascara (or look extensions) will make you sound sexier . Like many women her lips are painted, but do not apply makeup in the rest of the face, eyelashes are gaining such prominence that can go alone made up and highlight spectacular.

In addition to the mascara of you can find endless adapted for all needs (types to lengthen, rizarlas, give volume or intensify ), there are specific products to enable the growth of eyelashes and to care for them , because there is only you make them up. As tools to comb and get a pretty eyelashes we recommend having a manual eyelashes curler and a comb to separate and comb.

To hydrate your lashes in a simple way you can use a facial oil one or two nights a week, apply a droplet on eyelashes before bedtime . And another option is the white petrolatum, also you can take the eyelashes before bedtime. Visitors will wake up with a moisturized and beautiful eyelashes.

The boom of eyelash extensions
years and there are
permanent eyelash dyes, ideal for all women who wear makeup every day. But current trends are extensions, as we have in
Coco’s Corner, a beauty corner very cute specializing in mani-pedis and beauty treatments look (extensions, dye, perm, design of eyebrows, hair with thread), which provides beauty treatments tailored to each person. Extensions are applied directly to the tabs, tab by tab , is a painless and safe method for natural eyelashes.

With an hour of treatment you will leave wearing a more dense and long eyelashes. With a maintenance treatment every 2-3 weeks (natural lashes have a life cycle of 90 days maximum and are constantly growing new) for 30-45 minutes, lash extensions last about two months . With extensions you do not need to wear a mask, but if desired can be used for specific extensions.

There are also treatments eyelash tinting , with which you get a more intense color eyelashes, as if you wore mask all day. And if your problem is that you have long, very straight, you can opt for permanent eyelash . To curl lashes and staining will appear to take rimmel 24 hours a day. In any case, our recommendation is to go to a specialized beauty center and put in the hands of good professionals .

In the upper gallery you can see the latest in mascara and treatments to look flanges of stroke.


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