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Whatever your wedding: traditional, in a dream place with dozens of guests; casual in a surrounded by those you love most rural setting, will be a day you’ll never forget. Have hundreds of memories, images, videos … So you have to be splendid!

Surely you’ve thought about the kind of dress that best defines you, you have advised on what hairstyle you’ll favor more, and you clear that will accompany a bouquet of lilies. But what about your skin? Do you know the care that needs to be bright at your wedding ? Here they are:

Tips for skin look fantastic on your wedding day:

1.Aspecto tired:

Do not! Understandably, many preparations may come to cause a tired appearance. I advise you to leave everything well organized one week before and from that moment you just dedicate yourself:

  • Sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day
  • Eat healthy
  • Practice some sport
  • Relax with your friends
  • Pamper your skin. Take advantage of these days to start a facial stressing. Apply all your beauty routine calmly, enjoying the moment. Shall we begin?


2.Hidratación :

Hydration with cleanliness is a priority in the care of all skin types step, so I recommend looking for a hydration plus for this moment. In addition, summer is the time of year that most punishes our skin so much care must look like this:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Moisturize your skin (face and body) with moisturizing and emollient products daily. Apply on the face with moisturizing serums capacity before your usual cream and do not forget to use moisturizing masks occasionally.

Undeniably, your skin will improve your appearance quickly and help you feel radiant on your wedding day.

3.Imperfecciones :

All those spots, pimples, acne scars post or any other, on the face or the body (for example in the back or neck) should be minimized. There are all kinds of resources that will help you do so.

Smudges . Seeks to address them before, take time.

  • Use specific exfoliating products .
  • Treat yourself with assets that will help you blend the stain.
  • Protect yourself from the sun.

Ladival ® Sunscreen Action Anti-stain with Deléntigo ® is the best choice because not only will you protect from UVA, UVB and IR-A but also unify the tone of your skin. Cover Action Ladival ® Anti-stain with Deléntigo® is a stick that camouflages and visibly reduces spots Dare to him!


Acne . Put a lid on such unpleasant granites:

  • Seborreguladores use non-comedogenic and treatments.
  • The mattifying oil-free textures and will bring more security as avoid all kinds of glitter.
  • Do not forget the sunscreen that best suits your skin type.

Sensitive or Allergic Ladival ® is ideal for your case. Its gel-cream texture free oil will be very appropriate to be well protected. In addition you can also aplicártela with a little color.

Scarring .

  • Camúflalas with makeup with high coverage capacity . Compact offer superior coverage makeups fluid and can be equally natural if applied correctly.
  • Protect them from sunlight, especially if they are recent scars.

Ladival ® Compact Makeup FPS50 + will bring color, protection and dissimulate your scars. You can choose between two colors: gold and sand. You’ll love it.

4.color healthy skin

All we associate a lightly toasted skin color as an indicator of beauty. I propose that broncees your skin but in a healthy way. How can you do it?


Some tips and ideas:

  • Proponle your partner that adds to your beauty ritual. It will be fun to share feelings with him.
  • Ask for help from your best friend to handle yourself with the dress on your wedding day and you remember that you reaplicarte sunscreen while taking cocktail on the terrace. Ladival ® Urban Fluid I love this case, it’s ideal to carry in the purse!
  • Surprise your guests with containers Ladival ® Spray Children and Atopic on the table cocktail of your wedding. Everyone will be thrilled that you thought of the little ones!

And enjoy, enjoy and enjoy this magical day!


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