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How to identify a compulsive buyer

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This is not to satisfy a need or desire, but something more complex. Shopping is a leisure activity or need , but the problem comes when the normal functioning of a person is affected by the huge desire to buy and buy, even when they need it .

They have called
Syndrome Compulsive buying or disorder of compulsive shopping , which belongs to the category of disorders of impulse control. But make no mistake, if you like to buy not mean you’re a Shopaholic. Here we tell you how it is and how does a person with this disorder.
1.  Compulsive buying suffer those who buy onlythe pleasure of buying , not because they need what they buy.
2.  The profile of the person sufferingshopping addiction is very similar to the ludópata . For many compulsive shoppers, buying gives them the power to decide denied in their family or work environment.
3.  People with this syndrome tend to understand and appreciate bad feelings . 4.  employ an inordinate amount of time for shopping , often giving prioritythis. 5.  Generally shopaholic buying alone without the company of another person, because they often feel ashamed.
– Preexistence specific psychological traits as being capricious and impulsive, may have a
high level of anxiety in connection with the purchase.
do not feel satisfied with themselves.
– they have attracted consumer stimuli and
especially for bids.
have low self-esteem and distrust their own skills or abilities.
Perhaps all at some point in life we have made unnecessary purchases, and most
have something that we have never been and one way or another, we feel satisfied when buying something thatnot necessarily required to live. The problem is when this activity becomes common, almost daily. The momentary pleasure they feel to acquire something, acts as a painkiller for them, like a drug that makes you forget a crisis. And like all drugs you are creating an addiction that eventually becomes a disorder to an illness. The first thing experts do in a case of compulsive buyers isanalyze and see whatthe factors that causeand then try to control behavior are through therapy or medication if necessary. 


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