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How to prepare the skin for long trips by plane and avoid external aggressions – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The long plane rides can r esecar skin from lack of moisture , especially, the most delicate parts like the face, hands, lips and nasal mucosa. He explains to TodoDermo Eduardo Bran Lopez, head of the D ermatología the Clinical Hospital San Carlos, Madrid, warns: “Whatever our fate, the most dangerous skin external agent is the sun.” Another effect of long runs is the appearance of edemas in the legs, according to Mar Look, cosmetic surgery and co – director of Look + Cueto Clinic, also in the capital.

How to prepare your skin for long trips? Bran and Mira agree that hydration and sun protection are essential tools to combat external aggressions. From the recommendations of these experts TodoDermo has developed a useful advise patients from the pharmacy list.

1. hydrating. To maintain the skin barrier Bran commitment “products based on hyaluronic acid, urea or ceramides.” In this regard, Mira says that “mesotherapy treatments protect the skin from the cold”.

2. photoprotection. Throughout the year it is essential to use solar depending on skin type. “This can be supplemented with carotenoids foods such as carrots, oranges, mangoes, tomatoes and red peppers that have a natural photoprotective effect , ” said Bran.

3. Food. This dermatologist recalls that “before traveling should eliminate those foods that may alter the digestive system like spicy things , alcohol, theine and caffeine because they have their impact on the skin.” In the days before and after should “reduce salt intake and drink at least a liter and a half of water , ” adds Cueto.

4. The travel kit. According Bran, basic can not miss before and during the holidays are a good moisturizer, solar and makeup remover. Another measure to prepare the skin in the daily beauty routine is “the use of ampoules of proteoglycans and snail” says Mira.

5. atopic. For some patients with skin disease , both specialists remind that destinations with warm temperatures are more appropriate since the cold places worsen some diseases such as psoriasis . “For Atopic people is convenient extra moisture with urea, Shea butter without perfume , ” explains Mar.

6. Sports. Finally, to activate skin circulation Bran recommends “moderate exercise such as short walks.”

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