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How to prepare your look for the office

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It is important to look good for all kinds of labor courts. Starting with a changing room and subtle at the time of a job interview makeup, a meeting or just to be in the office. To advise and make you look simple, but cute, we have chosen some easy things you can apply to your everyday look.

we entered the working world often we do not know how to dress properly. It is a time when usually tacos and blazers start appearing in our lives. In addition sometimes we want to look bigger and not as girls.
There are times when we desubicamos in our locker room , either by extreme formality or in other cases by showing nonchalance. Ideally adecues your clothes depending on your profession or trade , because clearly a lawyer not dressed like a psychologist.

The first day of work uses simple and sober clothes, and analyzes how the costumes of all;
if it is relaxed or rather produced.

1.If you think you look very sober and fome used handkerchiefs. They look very cute and make you look more striking.
2. If you have to wear heels but are not used, comes with slippers or some comfortable shoes and wear them only in the office
3. Avoid transparencies. You never know who can have a meeting. And if you have a cute lace blouse that fascinates you, remember ponterte basic polera down.
4. Look for the current fashion cuts, but in formal fabrics (if your job requires it ). Avoid fabric pants broad and straight you only make avejentarte.
5. Avoid hanging out with clothes so tight, apart from being uncomfortable it is not a very suitable look for the office. You might look good, but the best opportunity to Anadar this is a party. For example, if you’re going to wear a tight skirt, opt for a looser blouse to the top of your outfit.
1. Moisturizers with color: Other than moisturize your face, this care that we have every day, will give you a nice, natural color. Many times it is better to use this a base, because with it you can see a little overloaded.
2. Eyelashes: Apply a touch of mascara mask is a good idea to spice up your look easily and quickly.
3. Dark circles: Apply a concealer in it, will make you look more awake and illuminate your eyes. Remember not only apply in the ojera itself, but must project the liquid and blend down.
4. eyes or lips or one or the other. If you’re going to paint your lips with a strong color avoids the shadows on the eyelids, as you could see very commercialized . Choose or a marked labial or shade, if you opt for the latter must put a measured amount and for the world to paint your entire eye with her. If the color of the shade is strong and anyway you apply something on your lips you can use a transparant glow.
5. The hairstyle: It also depends entirely on what your job. If it’s a more relaxed atmosphere you can opt for a casual look, where you can take the cut that you like. But beware: do not confuse relaxed neglected, the idea is that do not be marked with the pillow to work much less knots. Take your hair down the sides with one or two obstacles is always an easy and quick way to see each other arranged.

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