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How to reactivate your brain in the summer holidays

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Would you like to take holidays to reactivate your brain? To play! Psychologist Ángels Navarro proposed in ‘100 tips to make your brain alive 100 years’ (NowBooks)  a hundred recommendations so you can train your brain with simple techniques, you can practice in your daily life, and to help you optimize cognitive abilities such as attention, language, visoespacialidad, reasoning, calculation and memory.

As Ángels Navarro explained, the brain is the only organ in our body that can evolve over time and which is provided with resources recovery and repair through what neuroscientists call plasticity. If we add that the increase in life expectancy leads us to think that we can not spend the middle third of life with diminished powers, the ideal is, as proposed by the psychologist, to provide the means to reach old age with a brain that function effectively. This requires combat stress, exercise, sleep well, eat healthy and train the mind. 

Navarro, specializing in motor skills and therapy from the game, proposes in its ‘100 tips to live your brain 100 years,’ a hundred recommendations can apply from now. And if during the holidays, all the better, but if you want to know if you will be able to take on this challenge, you can keep trying with these eight: 

1. Calculate the price d and purchase products before reaching the box. 

2. When cutting a cake , looking the way you do allow equal parts. You can try other items like a deck of cards, a box of staples … This will work your ability to structure space. 

3 . Measured steps the surface of a room or stay and calculates the square footage you have. You will work your spatial skills and your numerical reasoning. 

4. Read the license plates of cars while you are in a jam. Propose a number: 18, for example. All car occupants must find a license plate whose numbers add up to the number proposed. 

5. If you have not, fail to awaken your artistic sensibility : drawing, painting, modeling, make crafts, scrapbooking, model airplane rides models or make any hobby you active and you like. Develop your creativity will help you keep your mind active. 

6. Rescues your memory an image, a thought, a music, a landscape … you have produced well. Make it your amulet and think about it when you feel bad, you’ll see how the unpleasant sensation becomes pleasant. 

7. Look at the facial expressions of the people around you and look beyond the obvious, you will discover your emotions: happiness, surprise, fear, anger, sadness …

8. When you do not remember a word and have the feeling that on the tip of the tongue, start thinking about the first consonant letters of the alphabet and get to cross them with vowels. You will see how quickly remember. 

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