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How to recover the health of the skin after quitting? – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Damage to the skin by the snuff can be reversed to some extent if the person stops smoking and skin care. There are topical creams with retinoic acid, retinol and glycolic acid to facilitate the renewal of skin layers. And if it is too thick, creams with salicylic acid , “recommends Christina Schepers, dermatologist Planas Clinic in Barcelona.

  • The snuff causes the skin to lose brightness, thicken and take a yellowish hue

Also it recommends the serum vitamin C because they provide light. Francisco José Gómez García, a dermatologist at the Hospital de Montilla, Cordoba, the best treatment is prevention. Some substances, especially retinoids, can help treat “.

Other forms of care, according to Schepers, avoid sun exposure are responsible for premature aging, and have good food. Food, especially in a time when the renewal of the skin occurs, should be rich in vegetable proteins and to regenerate, and antioxidants to scavenge free radicals.

It could also help a chemical peel, which renews the skin layers, or a low intensity light therapy. “Microcirculation and cell metabolism is stimulated, which would rosy color and lighting, and thickening normalize” says Schepers.

Is it possible to know how long it takes a person to recover the health of your skin after quitting? García Gómez says is very variable and depend on the number of years the person has smoked, age, genetic background and association with other environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation and nutritional status. If they are many years consumer ” may be achieved never regain full normal skin , ” says the expert.

Gómez García gives some data: “Overall, the effect of snuff on the skin is observed between 35 and 40 years and are more significant in women at equal cigarette consumption. Smokers of more than 50 packs per year have a five times greater risk of presenting wrinkles on non-smokers. “

But not only wrinkles occur, the pathogenic effect of snuff on the skin is multiple, as Gómez García says:

-Decreases oxygenation.

-Promotes the formation of free radicals.

-Altera the immune and inflammatory response.

-Modifica the response of sex hormones at skin level.

All this translates into an increased risk of some types of skin cancer and the development or worsening of inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis or foot plantar pustulosis.”

A more superficial level, the snuff causes the skin “loses luminosity, it thickens and take a yellowish hue , ” says Schepers. In addition, nails become yellowish, do thicker and have crisp edges.
García Gómez doubt that all these consequences on the skin escape the knowledge of smokers. I’d say it’s very difficult not to be aware of it. Another thing is the will to quit . “


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