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How to remove skin spots after the summer – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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“At the end of the summer users always ask us depigmentation treatments to remove stains on the skin caused by sun exposure also relevant segment of pregnant women who go to the pharmacy with localized stains neck, chest and face due to hormonal change , “informs TodoDermo Merce Tortras, pharmaceutical mtfarmàcia holder in Barcelona. In this regard, Teresa Truchuelo, Vithas dermatologist at Hospital Nuestra Señora de America in Madrid, recalls that “the suspension of oral contraceptives is one of the main causes of melasma“And that his treatment” must be maintained throughout the year with high photoprotection. ” Truchuelo notes that “these guidelines are essential in pharmaceutical care of melasma.”


  • Antimanchas cosmetic products block the production of melanin.

In his experience, Tortras indicates that hydroquinone “is one of the most commonly used to treat melasma and other hyperpigmentation because it blocks production of melanin although its use has been questioned by cause irritation components.” An alternative to this asset he comments is the Kojic acid “extracted from an Asian fungus and apart from lightening the skin, brightens”.

Other cosmetic active stain fighting -destaca- are ellagic acid , “an antioxidant extracted from fruits such as Granada, raspberries or blueberries”, salicylic acid, glycolic, azelaic, retinol and vitamin C . On these last two compounds warns ” Retinol is not indicated in pregnant women, and, for creams containing vitamin C is very important to use because they can be hydrated if not form black spots or other imperfections”.

Dermocosmetic products designed with anti – stain action may also, according to this pharmaceutical, flowers and plants as “porcelain rose, essential oil of lemon or white crocus”.

WHY remove stains LASER IN AUTUMN

A part of the cosmetic solutions to control skin blemishes, it is possible to eliminate with laser surgery . TodoDermo consulted by dermatologists insist that it is better to do without this type of therapy in summer. “One reason is that when the skin is tanned there is a target competition, ie the laser is no difference between tanning and spot, increased the risk of burns , ” explains Emiliano Grillo, a dermatologist at the Laser Medical Institute in Madrid . Another reason is that in summer “the melanocyte cells that -the production melanina- are most active , and this increases the risk of post – inflammatory pigmentation , which are stains caused by inflammation of a laser or chemical treatment” details Grillo.
Depending on the type of pigmentation, this expert bets on these techniques :

– melasma:  follow a protocol of two steps: first apply a mask depigmentation and later, using intense pulsed light.

– Poliquidermia: application of intense pulsed light or vascular laser.

– actinic Queratinosis: use of carbon dioxide laser. “This procedure is combined with photodynamic therapy that helps prevent skin cancer.”

– lentigines: a laser -equivalent to a billionth of a second- picosecond “is able to eliminate them in one or two sessions.”

Generally speaking, Truchuelo notes that ” the laser removes pigment ” and mentions that “intense pulsed light is a very versatile option because it is designed for vascular treatment such as brown pigments of these injuries.”

With regard to contraindications laser , this Dermatologist says that ” it is not recommended for patients with malignant lentigo, with healing problems or suffering from an infectious disease at the time undergoing therapy.” Although laser treatment is performed in healthy skin, without sun exposure, advises Grillo moisturize thoroughly after each session . To do so, bet on “regenerative-soothing creams with thermal water in its composition and rosehip oil.”

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