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How to start the exercise at (almost) any age: Routine for beginners and newbies

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1. Change your lifestyle. This is not I start doing exercises and go. No. Start getting in shape involves changing our lifestyle. We are not tired of saying it : food, rest and training are the three pillars of healthy living. 

If one of the three legs ‘lame’, the results will not come. That simple. Therefore, begins to rest 8 hours of rigor, let your muscles at least one day of rest between sessions, Hydrate properly restricts packaged / salty / sugary foods, eat more fruits and vegetables and starts to do 5 meals a day. 

2. Do not be hurry to finish. One of the most common mistakes newbies ‘fitness’ is to want to get it over and cause us to do wrong exercises. If you do not master the technique, you can not run properly. Do not hurry, at least the first few sessions and be guided and advised by experts. If you insist on doing it on your own, at least Record yourself to know that you are wrong.

3. Be consistent. There is no way back. If you start keeping a healthy lifestyle, it’s forever. X plans weeks are over, diets, bikini … operations must be consistent with training and think of a very long – term goal: your health.

4. Beware of overtraining. Another rookie mistake. Wanting to do more than we are able to end up, inevitably, with tremendous stiffness in your muscles. Contrary to what you think, shoelaces are not the indicator that has done well; If not the opposite. Do not push yourself more than necessary, at least at first.

5. Attend professionals. Basic but what rarely fall. Before you begin, ask your doctor to keep you a check and verify that everything is correct. The same goes for exercise. Whether you go to the gym, like you’re going to run or work out on your own; contact a coach to give you the first guidelines. You do not start alone if you do not want to end shoelaces or worse, injured. 

6. Train with pulsometer. Very useful to know if we are training too much … or at a slower pace than indicated. In the early stages, train a 60-70% of our maximum heart rate  will suffice. 

Routine for Beginners (30 minutes):

8 minutes of continuous run at moderate / cycling pace.

– 2 x 15 Squats .

– 2 x 10 Biceps curl type hammer (light dumbbells, between 1-5 kilos).

– 30 seconds Jumping Jacks .

– 2 x 15 donkey kicks (one per side).

– 20 Crunch abdominal (remember to leave the ‘free’ legs).

– 2 x 15 bridges .

* Leave between exercises at least 1 minute rest

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