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How to take care of my skin of these last rays of sun

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We know it’s important to protect and care for the skin throughout the year, but with the last rays of sun we must take special care and is the ideal place to start a routine care adapted to this time point, and based primarily on an antioxidant care and repairer. In this way we will prevent oxidative stress that our skin has suffered during the months of increased sun exposure, not manifest leading to the signs of photoaging we already know: spots, lack of radiance, loss of firmness and wrinkles.

So the best way to care for our skin is tailor treatment to each season, as their needs change. Like changing our diet from summer to winter, and do not feel so much hot soup in the summer because our body does not need to warm up (our body is smart and tells us), it also occurs with skin, we must know their needs to cover them as it undergoes changes in different seasons. And our beauty routine adapt to the needs of the skin and not the reverse.

So on this occasion I propose a simple routine at the same time is ideal for a healthy and cared for combination skin, which ultimately will result in a more beautiful and luminous skin.

Your facial routine

This routine consists of 5 main keys:  cleanse, exfoliate, repair, protect and counteract oxidation also from within.

  • Step 1 is the simplest and experience every day in the pharmacy, I can also say that, in general, the worse we do. Although not use makeup, men and women, we must properly clean the skin twice daily. With a product adapted to our skin type, to remove dead cells, sweat, sebum produced throughout the day and substances that accumulate from car exhaust, pollution, etc. If before applying any cream or treatment of the skin, not cleaned properly, will not all the effects attached to it, nor can penetrate the skin.
  • Step 2 also forms part of the cleanup, but I wanted to emphasize it because it really is not an add – cleaning, but should be part of our regular routine. And especially in post sun exposure months, we exfoliate weekly to promote cell renewal, while we are stimulating the skin to regenerate it, so that also has an anti – aging component. Remove layers of dead cells and go “losing your tan , ” we will maintain more even tone.
  • Step 3 , it is essential at this time of year. Is to repair cell damage caused by free radicals produced by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. I would highly recommend a cure crash with Regenerating Serum with Photolyase, which helps counteract oxidation that produce these free radicals in our cells. And as we have mentioned in previous posts is a very complete treatment, because it has a regenerating, antioxidant and stimulating cellular immune system. So it’s perfect for use before our usual cream several times a year.
  • Step 4 : is the ideal time to use an anti-stain treatment to unify the tone and prevent new stains. So while we still receive the last rays of sunshine, good day cream is the anti-stain photoresist with Deléntigo SPF 30, which clarifies the small spots may have suffered, prevents the appearance of new spots, it protects us from aging , photo-induced has sunscreens for UVA, UVB and IR radiation, and vitamin e protects the collagen and elastin of the action of free radicals.
  • Step 5 has to do with our power and is suitable throughout the year, but an antioxidant cocktail after the summer is very beneficial for our health and for our skin. By feeding and / or an antioxidant supplement such as solar Ladival capsules also we will offset from within this oxidative action of sunlight that has accumulated on our skin for several months. I advise a diet rich in vitamins A, C and E and minerals such as selenium, magnesium and zinc increase defenses of the skin against photooxidation. If you consume any food supplement with vitamin E, you know that not all molecular forms of vitamin E are equally active isomer or molecular form more antioxidant and protective activity is the d-alpha- tocopherol. Between 5 and 10 times more active than other forms of vitamin E.

By following this simple routine, which probably many of you already realicéis some steps regularly, conseguiréis healthy skin that will result in a bright look and rejuvenated. And even in winter we are not so exposed to the sun you must continue to apply a photoresist to quedaros only good sun.


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