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How to take care of the hair, one of the most frequent consultations in autumn – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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From September, hair care becomes more important for patients because of the seasonal fall and damage from sun exposure and chlorine in swimming pools during the summer . This is reflected pharmacies which has silvering TodoDermo this question: What are the most frequent queries skin in the fall? 

“Around the holidays is very common for patients to ask us about hair loss , ” said Dolores Gomez, Gomez pharmaceutical pharmacy in Roan, in Madrid. Regarding this issue arise other questions like “if hair loss is due to stress, which products can help and if they are more effective shampoos or blisters”, notes Gema Herrerias, pharmaceuticals in the pharmacy A5 Pharmacy in Seville .

  • “There is no scientific evidence that cosmetics alone are sufficient to control alopecia”

To answer these questions , TodoDermo has contacted Miguel Sánchez Viera, a dermatologist and director of the Institute of Integral Dermatology in Madrid who report that ” the products fall arrest cosmetics, shampoos and masks, help extend the growth phase or anagen phase while reducing the number of hairs shed in which the telogen phase. So for a mane is healthy must be a balance between the two phases “. The latter is associated with it counts Hair loss anxiety and depression: “It’s a phenomenon known as telogen defluvium, which is a diffuse hair loss that occurs quickly, which alarm the patient.”

In his opinion, the most effective cosmetics are those compounds of ” amino acids, vitamins and oligomers that stimulate cellular metabolism of the hair follicle and protect the natural oxidation process”. Other principles he adds assets that stimulate and nourish hair are ” adenosine, taurine, biotin and tryptophan .” As for the choice of shampoo or blisters this expert advises combine several products although, he notes, “it depends on the needs of each patient.”

  • The hair can be washed every day if done with the products listed

Despite the action of these treatments, Sánchez warns: “There is no scientific evidence that cosmetic products alone are sufficient to control alopecia, therefore, its indication is as an adjunct to drug treatment .”

In the experience of Herrerias, other hair consultations are the ideal frequency for washing hair and dandruff can occur if alopecia . “You can wash your hair every day without problem as long as you use the right products for everyday use , ” says Sanchez. On the relationship between dandruff and hair loss , this dermatologist refers to “are two different problems , ” but which can have a bearing on the case of seborrheic dermatitis because “this disease flaking, white or yellowish plaques, redness, swelling, itching and even crusting “. These symptoms are also typical queries in autumn, according to Gomez. “Moreover, people complain about irritation to the scalp from exposure to external agents such as chlorine and ultraviolet radiation” added.


After the summer, they also increase consultations for skin blemishes and breakouts . So they say Teresa Bonnin, pharmaceutical in Pharmacy Bonnin in Palma de Mallorca, and Blanca Velasco, Blanca Velasco, Velasco pharmaceutical pharmacy of Valdepeñas in Jaen. Specifically, Bonnin highlights “the melasma post summer as one of the most frequent queries skin in autumn”. In this regard, Sanchez recalled that “an accumulation of melanin that is usually located in the forehead, upper lip and cheeks as a result of sun exposure and hormonal changes about.” Treatment for this expert insists on “the continued use of skin lightening creams ” although there are definitely eliminate “more effective as microdermabrasion techniques.”

On the rebound acne in recent months, this dermatologist explains that with the sun this disease improves, therefore, “now do not increase outbreaks, but having less sun exposure, acne returns to its natural state” .

Finally, Gómez notes that “although the questions by fungi on the feet is common throughout the year, after the season of beaches and pools the consequences of poor drying and consultation in pharmacies are noticed.”

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