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How to take care of the skin after sunbathing?

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Sunbathing, vacation, sea, mountain, quiet, get a tan. It sounds great, right? It seems that if we close our eyes, we can see us bathing in the crystal clear waters of your favorite beach or trekking on a mountain (to taste the colors). But let’s not forget that part of the many benefits that sun exposure, there are also harmful effects. And these are those who will try in this post.

When the skin (erythema, redness, burning) burns most of you acudís to the pharmacy to look for a product after sun that you offer a solution and immediate relief. (Texture and milky products with menthol or Aloe to cool or panthenol to regenerate tissue) but is it enough? And what happens when I am exposed to the sun every day but do not burn me? Should I watch my skin too?

A priori we may think that the sun in a careful skin (which takes Nutricosmetics to prepare the skin before sun exposure and use high photoprotection +50) you do not have to worry about the harmful effects of the sun. But neither should be neglected aftercare sun exposure because UV radiation from the sun causes DNA damage that can lead to genetic mutations. You all know the importance of cellular DNA, our genetic, and that it should avoid undergo mutations, because if you make changes in its structure that result in any further damage may occur.

What do we do to avoid this damage?

There is scientific and proven option, the use of preparations of photolyase a DNA repair enzyme that corrects the deleterious effects of ultraviolet radiation and reduces the risk of sunburn and weakening of the immune system that occurs during exposure to the sun.

Where do we find these preparations?

At the pharmacy you can find it in the sun post Ladival serum, a serum of a fresh and pleasant texture, in cremigel, which gives a nice feeling when you apply it on the skin.

 Who is it for?

Indicated in skins dehydrated by the sun treatments prevention against premature aging caused by the sun, and regeneration of skin associated with depigmenting cosmetic skin treatments and procedures, peelings, laser ..

Daily use is recommended Serum Regenerating after sun exposure to prevent the signs of aging and protect cellular DNA.

How do I use it?

After apply a mousse or micellar water and soap, apply the Sérum and finally anti-aging treatment cream (We have to start taking care from the 25!) And eye contour.

What if I have oily skin?

No matter, for its texture cremigel does not feel greasy skin and leaves no greasy residue.

What if I have dry skin?

If you think you do not hydrated enough not forget that it is a serum above him you must apply the moisturizing, nourishing and antiaging treatment you need.

agingIf you’re still doubting the need to protect your skin in the sun exposure of your day, I made it clear in a very graphic example. Image trucker who became famous when leaving in the New England Journal of Medicine as a real example of the case of constant exposure to the sun for their work. You still do not believe what photoaging? Whether you’re in the sun as if they are walking down the street. Protect your skin before, during and after the ultraviolet and infrared rays. (image Skin aging sun |. Jennifer RS Gordon, MD and Joaquin C. Brieva, MD | NEJM)

Finally I would like to leave you with the link to this great video about the importance of wearing sunscreen throughout your life, every day. Prevents DNA damage, protects your skin, do not slacken the immune system. Enjoy all the good things the sun, but please: use sunscreen every day of the year (and more tips about life)

Who writes this post?

Inma-Riu-blogger-LadivalInma Riu , pharmaceutical Barcelona, passionate about social media and digital communication. Master in Dermopharmacy and Cosmetology at the University of Barcelona. It brings their tips “counter” in a practical way without leaving aside the theory. You can find it on the Internet , behind the counter of Pharmacy Torrens Cortes in Barcelona or safer, at an airport, going to or from London, his second home.

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