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How to take care of the skin of the sun in Winter

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After a hot autumn, now that winter has arrived and with it the cold, wind and snow. Sudden changes in temperature due to the heating in our homes, exposure to the sun especially in the mountains and wind make our skin more dry and tight than at other times of the year. A good moisturizer and a repairing serum should be included in our daily routine.

The cold does not have so present the harmful effects of the sun and summer, in fact, appreciate when a presence in the winter season, but we must not forget that although the intensity of UV-B radiation is lower at this time of year, not the case with the UV-a radiation responsible for photoaging, sunspots and skin cancer or with infrared-a radiation (IR-a) that reaches the deepest layer of our skin or hypodermis and responsible for deep wrinkles, premature aging and dehydration of our skin.


Mountain activities are becoming more common during the winter, especially winter sports which is especially important to consider two factors:

  •  Altitude : UV radiation increases between 8-10% per 1000 meters.
  •  Reflection : snow reflects up to 80% of the radiation that strikes it dispersing and increasing its intensity compared to other surfaces such as sand reflecting only 20%.

In addition there are certain skin conditions like rosacea aggravated by the cold and UV radiation. The use of a sunscreen is essential in winter, the sun protection factor (SPF) will depend on the activity you are going to perform as well as, our skin type. While if we go to the mountain we have to apply ourselves a cream with SPF 50+ reaplicándola every two hours for a normal day, in our daily routine of going to work and be in little contact with the sun cream with SPF 30 may be sufficient .

Nor forget the eyes, UV radiation can damage the lens so to be protected, especially in the mountains, with lenses which filter out UV-A and UV-B radiation and possibly with side shields to prevent reflected light in the snow.

It is important to daily use of lip sticks with moisturizing assets, repairers and photoresists because the skin of our lips is much thinner and more sensitive to extreme environmental conditions and the appearance of cracks, fissures and herpes is higher at this time of the year.

I summarize some daily routine:

In the morning:

  • Skin cleansing (with product adapted to each type of skin)
  • Application of standard treatment (serum, wrinkle cream …)
  •  If sun exposure will be mild: Cream SPF 30+
  •  If I’m going to expose to the sun: cream with SPF 50+ reapplying every two
  • Lip Moisturizer SPF and that reaplicaremos several times a day

At night:

  • Cleaning
  • Ladival Regenerating Serum: This product is a ” must have ” both
  • summer and winter, and repairing damaged DNA during
  • sun exposure, skin regenerates and deeply moisturizes.
  •  usual treatment (moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, eye …)
  •  hydrating lip
  •  In addition I recommend you exfoliate your skin at least once a week and apply a mask hydrant and regenerative to give more comfort to the skin.


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