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How to use the white eyeliner

In Natural Beauty Tips

What it was a rarity own gateways, today is considered a basic makeup yesterday. What not miss on your summer neceser white eyeliner! 

Undoubtedly the sophisticated and edgy look that appeared on the catwalk of Moschino for spring 2013 models with snowy white eyeliner attracted wide attention. After this renowned event, season after season, we have seen how the models had white eyeliner on their looks . Kenzo decided in its spring-summer 2014/15 by a white eyeliner to outline the eye of its models, the American designer Kate Spade made to appear combining the typical black with white eyeliner and French Joseph Altuzarra decided that his eyelids were white makeup to the eyebrows. And to make it clear that this new and inspiring way to disguise the eye is not going to go out of style, it comes in a new version asproposal makeup Chanel Cruise collection for summer 2016.

Of course , the novelty does not lie in the use of white in eye makeup. Of all professionals it is known the versatility of this color. It fulfills both the function of shadow, such as eyeliner with different functions: to achieve a brighter look and awake, enlarge small eyes, separating the eyes together and even highlight color . But this new approach goes far beyond. It is much more risky and glamorous completely different proposals. Because it ‘s not about applying a white eyeliner on the eyelid and blend; Now a generous eye unpolluted line is drawn, even up and down the eyelid, achieving unprecedented effects. It is the transformation of the classic eyeliner giving it a modern twist by applying white color.

One of the most important tips is to consider that having to be applied in sensitive areas of the eye, it is desirable to have products that offer complete safety, especially in delicate and sensitive eyes . Natural and organic brands like Dr. Hauscka are an excellent choice. Karim Sattar, the Make Up Artist International, says the skills of Kajal Eye Liner Duo black and white signature that slides perfectly and has a fantastic creaminess thanks to vegetable oils, “also the anthyllis, witch hazel and leaves black tea have a calming effect on the eye area , “says Karim. So also it is a real treat for the eyes. 

Tips for applying white eyeliner

– Upper Eyelid:  architectural traces, collaborates to enlarge the look. You can create multiple effects of very current makeup.

Expert Tip: to achieve the elegant touch and that it is not exaggerated, we must give the line the way that suits the structure of the eye.

– Line Water: on the inside of the lower eyelid, has the function to enlarge small eyes and highlight the look and color. The liner for this area should be creamy and very good quality since they will be in direct contact with the inner eye.

Expert advice: better to use a broken or egg white tone that a nuclear target for this area not overly dramatize the look.

– In the “V” inside the eye: on the lacrimal, it generates the optical illusion of greater space between the eyes too close together. Used to illuminate the eyes and highlight the color of shadows of the eyelids.

Expert advice: as an aid to ‘open the eyes’ can be more or less wide as desired to increase this effect. The ex-supermodel Tyra Banks became popular this trick and presents it in her beauty tips with her own line of beauty Tyra Beauty.

Definitely suggestive and refreshing white eyeliner is part of the makeup that you should not miss especially during the summer.


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