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Hydrate and exfoliate the skin, tips for after the summer – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Exfoliation and moisturizing the

Here are two tips that gave the

vocal Dermopharmacy, Luisa Maria Bartomeu, attendees gathered for a course

organized by the COF of Valencia.
As it explained it is imperative that “after

the summer the skin for the rest of the year is prepared.
It is therefore

desirable to
exfoliate the skin and then moisturize thoroughly to

prevent dryness and repair the damage that has occurred during the summer. ”

Also Bertomeu

has stressed the importance of self explored and go to a specialist

for “possible injuries may have suffered, are analyzed as a

result of continued radiation from the sun, and will begin

timely treatment.”

In this

sense, the COF has highlighted the need for a will perform

medical assessment of any mole or spot that has appeared new

during the summer months because early diagnosis can save lives, not

in vain it is estimated that 95 percent of cases can be
cured if it acts

“Moles must be reviewed

every year, taking into account the ABCD rule, which consists of the

principles of asymmetry, borders, color and diameter” he recalled Bertomeu. 


generally, moles usually have a uniform brown but in the

case that have “different colors” may be indicative

of a lesion on the skin.
Finally, he recalled that “the person has to

check the diameter of your moles and, in case you have more than 5 or 6

millimeters, you
have to go to the dermatologist.” Also, “if the mole undergoes

a major change in shape and size, stings more than usual or bleed, the

individual must be ruled out malignancy.”

In addition to the

skin, Bartomeu spoke hair care “spoils much

sun during the summer, wearing caps, air conditioning or the use

of harsh chemicals.
All these factors “will cause damage to the

hair structure: the cuticle scales open, losing its

cohesion, keratin suffer structural damage and, furthermore, altered

lipid secretion, natural shield which lubricates and confers brilliance to

hair”, has explained.
Due to this, the hair becomes weak, rough,

dull and brittle: one of the most characteristic signs is the appearance of

the “split ends.


all this, the pharmacist, as an
expert in dermofarmacia, is a professional

well trained to inform the general public about the

different hair types that exist, as well as the general care that

each of these types require and advise users on the use of

appropriate products for each case.

Among these tips, the expert noted,

“the importance of brushing your hair daily to remove debris

stuck, with no sharp tooth comb and avoid aggressive brushing and

suspenders and forced hairstyles”.
Another tip is to maintain hygiene


“Hair should be washed 1 to 2 times a week with a shampoo

soft, soft rinsing well with water, and drying temperature warm and

gentle to prevent drying less.
Massaging the scalp to

increase blood flow ,
“he reported.

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