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IFC launches its range for atopic skin – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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With the aim of helping patients with atopic dermatitis, Industrial Pharmaceutical Cantabria (IFC) has launched the new line of specific care Dermacare developed by expert dermatologists and R & D company.

“Dryness, itching, irritation or bacterial infection are some of the most common signs of this disease. Maintain proper hygiene and daily protection is essential for good control , “according to Pedro Herranz, a dermatologist at the Hospital Universitario La Paz, Madrid. The new line contains profilaggrin complex, a complex of assets made by the company to repair and maintain the barrier function of the skin. Dermacare is also formulated with polidocanol, “Which it helps to relieve itching, scratching and preventing thereby worsening the injury and ingredients that confer antibacterial protection to address the imbalance of skin microflora”, according to reports from the laboratory. Moreover, thanks to a combination of active emollients, “moisturizes, reduces transepidermal water loss and restores skin suppleness” note.

This range is hypoallergenic, paraben, fragrance without dyes , and is composed of a soft gel cleanser and moisturizer and emollient.

Soft gel cleanser Dermacare Atopic Syndet “is specifically indicated for daily hygiene of atopic skin without altering the natural balance of the skin.” It has a smooth texture and comes in a pack of 750 ml .

Emollient moisturizing lotion Dermacare Atopic Lotion “is formulated to restore the skin barrier, while providing flexibility and comfort.” It also has free texture and easy application and rapid absorption without adding fat feeling. This product line has been tested under dermatological supervision , ophthalmology and paediatrics in atopic and sensitive skin.


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