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Illuminators: turn on the points of light on your face

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If you realzas certain facial areas by providing them with light, you eliminate at a stroke that aspect of perennial fatigue that you both get older. How? With the illuminator, which will become your favorite cosmetic.

Do not hesitate to press the switch, or rather, the illuminator, a fabulous makeup tool may still not use and when to meet fund will become a ‘must have’ in your makeup bag. You will find that, instantly gives you vitality, freshness and youth . But attention! Do not confuse illuminators and proofreaders. Make – up artist Vicky Marcos, explains “the end of each product is very different. The corrector covers an imperfection to not be noticed. The illuminator serves to give lighta point of the face to beautify it. If we apply illuminator on dark circles known as ‘raccoon effect’, named after the white circle is created around the eyes occurs. You have to cover dark circles with a concealer lighter than your skin tone. And the illuminator is used to give points of light to the face. “

For his part, Dr. Moses Amselen is set at the same points of the face where teachers makeup artists apply the illuminator, to design the protocol ‘Luminous Face (Face Luminoso)’ , a technique of aesthetic medicine  recovering volumes these areas using one to two syringes of hyaluronic acid Depends if treated only some or all PAL- to return the light to the face of immediate, natural and lasting about six months form . Called PAL or ‘Activation Points of Light’, in their opinion are five: supraciliar, orbital-malar, malar, piriform and perimentón, 

What is your highlighter?

There are different types of illuminators on the market: textures cream presented in jumbo format -lápiz thick- or fluid in the tube, powder and stick. Depending on the type of skin you have: dry or mature, mixed young or fat, so you should choose it .

young or oily skin use illuminators powder because creamy or smooth texture could further emphasize facial shine. The combination skin can use it in fluid, cream or powder . Skins for mature or dry skin problems, should opt for creamier .

Before or after the foundation?

According to experts there are no rules. It can be applied before or after and mixed with background makeup . If you have good skin, you could see that using it first, then you can move from the bottom up. Or you maquillas first completely and look at the areas where you need the illuminator.

Where to apply the illuminator?

Normally, after making a regular makeup, the illuminator is applied to the T – zone (center of the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin) and also at the top of the cheekbones, the arch of the eyebrow, the central part of the eyelid, the tear. Furthermore, it can be complemented, as demand, with light Cupid’s bow lips, as how to draw contour and give volume and enhancement in the area usually obscured by the tip of the nose.

Now that you know everything that an illuminator can do for you, you can plug all these points of light in the times when you require elaborate makeup; but if it is a makeup day, more everyday, you can only give light on the points that require more freshness , such as eyes. In the gallery you a selection of illuminators. 



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