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Impetigo in children: a contagious and frequent infection in summer – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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The Impetigo is a skin infection of highly contagious bacterial origin that is transmitted by direct skin to skin, says a TodoDermo Marina Rodriguez, a dermatologist at the Hospital Chiron in Tenerife. “The incidence in children increases in summer because the heat and moisture , the skin becomes exposed, which facilitates the spread” notes. Also, “the patient scratching the infection spreads throughout the body , ” says Fernando Malmierca Sánchez, vice president of the Spanish Association of Pediratría (AEP), “a factor that is more difficult to control in younger patients.”

These experts suggest the existence of two types of impetigo :
– bullous impetigo not. This infection is caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes and is characterized by “the skin erosion and crusting with skin color appearance,” Rodriguez. From your experience, this condition may be complicated “in patients with other problems such as diabetes, cancer or immunosuppressive treatment.”

Around these lesions warns Malmierca- “sometimes appears a red circle where pustules release a yellow liquid and eventually form a soft, sticky, yellow crust”. Usually it manifests in the face and extremities .

– bullous impetigo. It is an infection triggered by the bacterium Streptococcus Aureus and the symptom most significant are the blisters on the trunk and limbs of the child. “These vesicles are easily broken because the crust is thin, they are brown without erythema around , ” qualifies Malmierca.

  • In the two types of impetigo itching, fever and lymphadenopathy may occur

There are other skin conditions with blistering of the skin, “such as herpes, allergies, insect bites or fungal infections , ” lists Rodriguez and to differentiate them , the dermatologist said that it was necessary ” to attend medical history patient and physical examination by qualified professional. “

Both experts agree that the two types of impetigo pruritus, fever and lymphadenopathy may appear in adjacent areas.

The risk of infection increases in children with low defenses or other skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis “These patients have an increased number of colonies of S. aureus inhabiting on the surface of the skin and mucous naturally, so the risk of infection by this pathogen is greater , “warns Rodriguez.

Antibiotic treatment
for its bacterial nature “treatment of impetigo will always be with antibiotics along with other symptomatic measures such as the use of emollients and anti – inflammatories if there is a lot of swelling , ” says Rodriguez.

To prevent this infection , experts consulted by TodoDermo recommend “extreme hygiene, especially hand washing, proper hydration to activate the barrier function of the skin and use sunscreen to prevent sunburn in summer”.

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