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What is importance of skin care in our life?

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Importance of skin care in our life

The skin is one of the organs of our body with greater importance. Many will think that this statement is a complete exaggeration, what could be more important than the heart or the lungs ? As well. The skin is important because it protects all these internal organs from external attacks . However, this is only one of the functions of this body, the truth is that it has many more. Without it our body would not be hydrated, we would not get nourished, we could not heal our wounds or remove excess heat from our body.

Undoubtedly the skin is important and therefore you have to take care of it. It is the most visible organ and thanks to it all the interior of our body is protected. Thus, when we are hit, we burn, or even when we are subjected to chemical agents, the skin acts as a protective shield so that our internal organs suffer the least possible damage. No doubt a good armor.

Keeping in mind that man has a high water content, hydration is essential for us to stay alive. The skin is also made up of water, specifically 70%. Thanks to this hydration it is possible that our wounds heal before or even that we have much younger skin. A dry skin will be much less aesthetic in addition to suffering more dermatological problems.

The skin also makes a really important function by removing all toxins from our body . Without it and without regulating functions such as sweating, we would surely have many more health problems, because we would not be able to expel all the toxins that our body generates.

At this point it is necessary to add that thanks to the skin we can control the regulation of body temperature . This is really important, because man can not reach high temperatures, as well as low temperatures. So, if our body has a lot of heat, thanks to the sweat we can eliminate part of this temperature .

Finally, we can not talk about the importance of the skin without remembering that thanks to it we can feel ; and is that the skin has endless nerve endings that serve as a way to transmit information to our body. Thus, thanks to these nerve endings, we can receive a host of tactile stimuli, such as thermal or even pain.

Without a doubt it is a very important part of our body that we must take care of as any internal organ. Thus, it is essential to moisturize and nourish it daily.

The importance of taking care of our skin from the sun.

1. It is cumulative. 
The most important reason to protect your skin from the sun is that no matter what skin type you have, or how long you were exposed to the sun, it accumulates. Not only that, but also, its consequences are irreversible.

2. Can develop skin cancer

This is, perhaps, the most impressive reason to consider. If you do not protect your skin, burns can lead to cancer of the skin. Remember, always use sunscreen especially during 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

3. Ages faster. 
When your skin is exposed to the sun without protection, you are more prone to wrinkles. Age faster because UV rays wear down the cells that naturally protect your skin.

4. Sunspots appear
If you sunbathe without applying sunscreen, you may see spots impossible to remove. People with freckles are more likely to make the sun appear more; although you have to be careful that these freckles are not serious sunburns.

5. It can burn your retina 
The sun can not only affect your skin, it can also cause eye problems such as cataracts. So also protect your eyes with correct lenses is essential. Acquire ones that have protection against UV rays.

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