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In cancer patients skin care routines must change – Pharmacy Mail – All Dermo

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In order to help cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or other treatments to better care for your skin and face more strength illness, Virginia Barrau, Community pharmaceutical in Zaragoza and specialist in dermofarmacia and cosmetology, has organized a multidisciplinary conference, which it will be held on Tuesday at the headquarters of Ibercaja, Zaragoza, where they will participate as speakers, in addition to her dermatologist Paz Cerdá and Norbert Monfort, business school Esade.

One of the messages that will insist the pharmaceutical is that these patients have to “spoil more skin” , especially when subjected to chemotherapy, causing various damages them as drying and cracking, among others. Therefore, to further strengthen the skin and is better able to cope with these attacks, recommends changing daily routines skin care before starting therapy.

That means changing the types used soap and moisturizers . Regarding the first, Barrau recommended syndet known as having no oil surfactants. And regarding creams, she insists use those “not only moisturize but also nourish and repair epidermal and dermal layer of the skin”.

Barrau not forget the photoresist, which should be daily. And what if the patient is following an anti – aging treatment? To this question, Barrau responds that it is important to verify that the antiaging cosmetics do not contain salicylic acid, glycol and retinoids. “Avoid these assets before, during and immediately after receiving chemotherapy since they have a very aggressive action. And is that etched the skin to leave it cleaner and also have a strong pH “ . As an alternative, it proposed more nutritious anti – aging treatments. Exfoliants also discouraged because they are very aggressive.

Questioned by the type of makeup you can use Barrau opts for those suitable for sensitive skin and proofreaders to hide dark circles and, especially, red zones, “which often leave people as a result of chemotherapy.”


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